Essay Example on Accommodation Sharing

Published: 2018-01-28
Essay Example on Accommodation Sharing
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Life is indeed a long journey, and one is constantly being challenged with choices along this journey. To share accommodation significantly depends on individual preference, financial status and factors that are relevant to one’s particular situation. On the other hand, other people prefer to share accommodation in order to have companion and share different things. Sharing accommodation is also relatively cheap than living alone.

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Sometimes people find it difficult to share accommodation due to the limited freedom in a shared space. Students who live in dormitories and hostels are required to share an apartment or a room with other students. The choice for a student to live in a shared apartment or room is due to the ability of the students to share rent which makes it more affordable.

Human beings are social beings who are naturally obligated to seek each other company. Sharing rooms by the students is an avenue to promote sharing of ideas and experience. Social needs push people to seek other people hence, sharing accommodation. People feel more secure when they are not alone in that they can share different things and reduce the burden of living.

But, one’s freedom and independence becomes limited in such environments: you are always surrounded by other people and simply are not able to have privacy and time to reflect. For instance, you would like to work on an assignment or study for an exam and you need some quiet space to do so, but your neighbors may not agree because they want to play some online games or watch some TV.

In conclusion, it can be argued that people make the decision of living alone or sharing accommodation by weighing the advantages and disadvantages. Living alone gives an individual privacy and freedom while sharing accommodation reduces the financial burden and also helps individuals to meet their social needs.

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