A Perspective of Chinese College Students, Free Essay Example on the Influence of Culture

Published: 2019-06-26 22:50:46
A Perspective of Chinese College Students, Free Essay Example on the Influence of Culture
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The influence of culture in emerging adulthood: a perspective of Chinese college students by Larry J. Nelson, Sarah Badger, and Bo Wu Brigham Young University, Provo, UT, USA.

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The writers in their study aimed at exploring emerging adulthood in the Chinese college. The study targeted young adult from Beijing Normal University where they studied various cultural aspects including the kind of behaviors the young adults engaged in. The types of behavior the Chinese expect before considering one to be an adult, identity issues among the young adults and comparing the difference that may be there between Chinese young adults and their counterparts in America.

Through literature review, the authors bring out the basics that universally define cultures. The review of literature explores various factors that have redefined how culture is defined. They explore the emerging trends in adulthood, the cultural and religious differences as different authors have found out. The analysis of the works by other authors brings to form the basis of the study that helps to achieve the aims of the study. It helps in getting the different aspects of culture that different studies pursued and how they interpreted them.

Nelson, Badger & Wu used administered questionnaires as a method of collecting data for their information. The number of respondents was predefined with a set of questions to obtain the desired data. The information gathered in the research provided detailed information on how the Chinese youths regarded their position in regard to adulthood perception and how their culture considered them to have achieved adulthood.

After the analysis of the findings of their study, the authors concluded that the cultural background of an individual highly contributes to the young people's understanding of what adulthood is. The authors examined various aspects of the Chinese culture through the analysis of the questionnaire. The questionnaire provided a broad analysis of what the society expected from them before considering them as adults. This included financial independence, being in a stable relationship and being responsible enough to take control of one's emotion. Furthermore, the questionnaire explored the role of religion in defining adulthood among the young people in China. Though, most of the young people believed that transitional experiences were the basis for defining the stage to adulthood. The ability of a young person to be responsible for their families is a critical determiner of one being considered an adult. Responsibility is mostly defined by the ability of one to provide for their family and make a decision that is in the best interest of their family members. The social norms of the Chinese are also a key definer of what is expected from one before they are considered as adults.

The authors used firm basis to come to a conclusive finding for their study, the literature review and the questionnaire used for the study were evidently strong. The authors basis for their conclusion is mostly informed by the questionnaire that was used to analyze the Chinese youths. The information gathered provides the psychological feelings of the Chinese youths on many cultural aspects. Through deep analysis of the findings, the feelings of the youths on what makes them be considered adulthood differs. The difference that the author brings out is mostly based on the young people's expectation of what will define their adulthood.


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