Essay Sample on The Epic of Beowulf in the Geat Land.

Published: 2023-03-12
Essay Sample on The Epic of Beowulf in the Geat Land.
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He was the dearest of warriors to Hrothgar, in his company of comrades between the two seas, a powerful shield-warrior, whom she had slain in his sleep, a fighter profit-firm. Nor was Beowulf there, earlier he had been ordained to another house after the treasure-giving, for the famous Great. There was an outcry in Heorot. She had seized in all its gore that well-known claw. Cares were renewed, known to that house. Nor was that a good exchange: they had to purchase it on both sides with the lives of friends. Then was the wise king, the grey battle-warrior troubled in his mind, after he knew of the death, that his dearest lordly thane was now unliving. (ll. 1296-1309)

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So it was for Beowulf when he had sought contrived conflict, the guardian of the barrow-he knew not how to maintain his own life through what his worldly parting must effect-as the famous princes had profoundly pronounced their day of doom, when they died themselves, although the man may be guilty of many sins, constrained in heathen worship, fixed in hell's bonds, miserably tormented, who had plundered the field. Nor had he perceived the gold curse more certainly, through the favor of the Owner. (ll. 3066-75)

In any literary work, a theme is an important idea that makes the reader a better understanding of the character. In the poem of Beowulf-Monster, the main theme reflects the ethics of the character. Being a warrior, Beowulf shows loyalty and bravery when he rescued the King of Danes, who had been invaded by a monster (Storrie and Paul. 21). The warrior showed his bravery by even killing the monster with his bare hands. From the poem, I learned and understood the importance of loyalty and bravery that were exhibited by the warrior.

Beowulf is among the most renowned poems in old English. The poem has a length of more than three thousand lines, which details a story about three battles. The poem illustrates an episode where Beowulf, a young and a loyal warrior from the land of Geats, came to help Hrothgar, who was the Danes' king and whose land had been taken by a monster called Grendel (Storrie and Paul. 22). Using his bravery and courage as a young warrior, Beowulf was successful in defeating Grendel, the monster.

The poem continues to illustrate how the young warrior demonstrated his powers by killing Grendel using his bare hands. In the poem, the tension continued after the killing of Grendel because his mother was prepared to revenge for the killing of Grendel. Beowulf and Grendel's mother fought, and Beowulf managed to kill the mother of Grendel using a weapon that was used by giants who lived in the past. After killing Grendel and his mother, Beowulf returned to his home in Geats. From the poem, it is clear that fifty years after Beowulf returned home, there occurred a final battle between Beowulf and a dragon that had attacked his followers as a result of treasure that had been stolen (Storrie and Paul. 23). During the battle, Beowulf is helped by a servant known as Wiglaf, and they managed to kill the Dragon, but unfortunately, Beowulf died after he succumbed to fatal injuries. After Beowulf died, his remains were buried by the sea.

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