A Comprehensive Exploration of Hiring, Admissions, and Educational Gaps - Essay Sample

Published: 2024-01-30
A Comprehensive Exploration of Hiring, Admissions, and Educational Gaps - Essay Sample
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The hiring process of hiring, one of the primary features that appear in the professional world. In a business like consulting, you will discover that a noteworthy amount of the established consultants are white males, and the case is the same for other business sectors. It is also significant to note that this is taking a new trend. Second, enrollment in university admissions is a big one that comes to mind. There are and have been many things like affirmative action, but there has always been controversy surrounding who gets accepted into the top colleges at the end of the day. Lastly, there is an education gap. More prosperous areas will generally have much better public education systems than less affluent areas. This is mainly a result of the funding. Of the many things to consider, the most mutual are safety, schooling, and price. Well-being is one of the top things to consider when looking for somewhere to live. Next would be price because everyone has a limit to what they can afford.

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The third would be how close the place is to restaurants, grocery stores, and my workplace or study. It would make sense that many people consider these issues as well, as I trust these to be almost provisions in my life. The state is missing from this clarification. From a law and economics viewpoint, it would be fair to say that the person who committed the crime felt that the welfares outweighed the punishments that would come from breaking the law. For example, if someone is dying and needs medicine, but the store is closed, someone may go to the drastic measures of breaking into the store to steal the medicine. This is still breaking the law, but again, the benefits outweigh the costs, hence why discouragement would fail. Another reason is mental illness. Mental illness is actually an acceptable explanation in court and makes a major difference in the result.

We often oversee the fact that economic variation and racial disparity are not the same merely because the two are so usually associated. And while it is factual a lot of the time that the marginal groups are found to be in inferior economic circumstances, it is still significant to differentiate between them. Hence, in only looking at the economic variations, we did not investigate any probable reasons why racial variations exist and cause economic unfairness. It seems as though we only looked at it from the reverse lens.

Fairly clearly, the report shows that the University of California puts more value on science and technology. Nevertheless, studies such as English and History are central to those pursuing degrees in parts such as Law. Quite frankly, deprived of lawyers, no money would be made because nobody would be doing all the copyrighting, patenting, and protecting scholarly property. While the UC may decide to concentrate on those two specific areas, they must still be aware and more than eager to fund other such zones better.

I think concentrating on the condition at home is much more significant. I say this because the circumstances, environments, and conditions are all dissimilar even within diverse states in the United States. The alterations are even superior in diverse countries. As a result, I find that it would be much healthier for the leaders to focus on the condition at home and set a good foundation and example for leaders of other countries and areas to base their movements on. Du Bois makes the point that Marx does not account for racial discernment at all. From times past classes today, we learn it went beyond the people of color and minorities were a part of the bourgeoisie and underwent oppression in the hands of the rich white factory employers.

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