Free Essay Considering Education as a Social Need

Published: 2017-07-05
Free Essay Considering Education as a Social Need
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Social change refers to the modifications in the organization and behavior of the group expressed in its becomes progress which is essentially an evolutionary concept

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Education fulfills the need of society and propagates such ideas which promote social change in all fields in life. In this way, education becomes a social process by means of which society moulds children according to its needs and approved patterns of behaviour. Function of education as an instrument of social change are as follows:

Stabilizing eternal values. Education protects eternal values, saves them from pernicious effect of social changes and promote their knowledge and acceptance in such a manner that in spite of social changes, people in general keep faith in these values are of moral and spiritual nature. Education should protect, preserve and promote these values.

Increasing the areas of knowledge. Education promotes in the individuals the capacity to increase the scope of knowledge more and more for their benefit. It open new areas for investigations and researches which bring about desirable changes in material as well as nonmaterial aspects of culture. Thus education prepares ground for the advent of social change.

Leadership Role in social change. Education provides leadership in social change. Education makes people capable to initiate guide for needed social changes by fighting successfully against social evils , customs and blind traditions. Thus people become capable for realizing their own true personality to the full and promote social welfare to greater and greater extent

Evaluation of social change. Education lays down the require standards and criteria of values with references to which this process of evaluation takes place effectively and only after that, desirable social changes are propagated where the undesirable one discarded.

Education Accelerates social change. Education tries to banish social evils, blind customs and traditions through various social Reformation projects, political movement, social service schemes and also tries to bring in needed social changes and reforms.

Education prepares people mentally for social change. It prepares the mentality of people to welcome and adopt desirable social change easily. It may be noted that people will welcome and adopt and technique or pattern only when the become convinced of its utility and desirability. Education, thus structures a wholesome and conductive environment for these social changes to become acceptable to all.

Education provides necessary training in skills and occupations and thus produces the needed competent personnel for manning the different specialized jobs in modern industry business, educational and research establishment and other secondary associations

Educations is expected to change the values and attitudes of the people and to create in then the urge of the necessary motivation to achieve social class ascendency, social mobility.

Education can prepare the society for the cultural imbalance that inevitably characterize the social transitional situation and should endeavor to prevent as far as possible, shocking conditions, and, during the long transitional phase, it can discipline the people to withhold immediate of the future inputs for the furtherance of the long- range plans of modernization.

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