The Influence Of Social Media On Society Essay Sample

Published: 2018-04-05
The Influence Of Social Media On Society Essay Sample
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Influence of social media on youth

From the year 2015, statistics show that internet surfing has been made simpler and easier. The youth age group are more in the social media platforms like the Instagram, twitter and Facebook for the latest events of there celebrities, shows and see what is on the trend. But in as much as it is as quick and reliable, we have neglected the art of communicating with friends physically. We end up even snap chatting without uttering even words to them. Each and everyday things keep on changing, communications and other transformations.

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It has been a trend for the youths in neglecting to pick up their role in the society. They are expected to participate and even give a hand in community and nation building. But in most cases they are always unavailabe.

There are so many ways through which the social media has impacted on the youth negatively. First, the social media has made the youths to take it up as their number priority, neglecting family and friends. It has also made them to take up figures that suits them but in real fact they are not them. Others have even gone to an extent of cuber bullying their peers leading to suicidal thoughts and having depressions. Some have gone to an extent of trying to change their appearance to be like those they are seeing on the social media. Lastly, the youths might be sidetracked and get addicted due to the addictive nature of the social media.

But still, in as much as it has some negativity upon the youth, the social media has also been able to contribute positively to their lives. Social media has become a major outlet of thoughts and ideas that are shared from time to time. There are platforms which have been developed for them to express themselves without fear. As the youth grows older, they need to know band appreciate who they are and who they are growing up to be and social media is giving them the know how. They get to learn how to communicate respectfully. Also, they are able to connect with friends in their locality and those that are away. Friendships that are formed have helped so many in one way or the other. The media has given them the opportunity to express their likes and their dislikes and this has always created many bonds. Many a times, people have said the social media is bad, but it still has the better element part of it. The Youths need to choose what they do with it wisely.

Some of the positive impacts of the media are; one, it has also help the youth to keep in touch with friends when they are not around them. They also get the updates of the things happening around the globe aside from just their localities. They also get an avenue for their expressions that their cannot get publicly. They also get to learn more skills in doing activities. Lastly, they have fun in connecting with friends other than just meeting them.

In summary, the social media has both merits and demerits. What the you chooses to with the social media platforms is now upon them to decide. It can make them have prosperity in many and diverse ways.

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