Free Essay - Stetler's Model of Research Utilization

Published: 2023-01-15
Free Essay - Stetler's Model of Research Utilization
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Stetler's Model of Research Utilization is a framework that helps health practitioners to apply evidence in the day to day activities. As such, the program helps in the planning and implementation of various research so as to improve health care services. For instance, nurses use Stetler's Model of Research Utilization a guiding principle when delivering information about breastfeeding. Additionally, the framework is highly applied by health practitioners when they are creating new policies, tools, and other activities within the health sector. Usually, Stetler's Model of Research Utilization helps practitioners to acquire how research indicates on how to conduct certain activities (White, Dudley-Brown, and Terhaar, 2016). In this case, nurses are required to use a model so as to form formal changes within health sectors. Furthermore, the model helps nurses to enhance problem-solving due to their critical thinking ability, which is based on evidence from research. Hence, Stetler's Model of Research Utilization tries to connect research application with evidence-informed activity so as to improve healthcare services.

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What is the framework's effectiveness for the dissemination of policy?

Dissemination of policy tries to disclose as much information so as to create a forum which enhances quality services. Through this information gathered, Stetler's Model of Research Utilization forms a light which helps to enhance decision making. In this case, the framework tries to provide evidence-informed practice which guides on the best ways. Typically, dissemination of policy influence how information is transferred from one party to another. As such, Stetler's Model of Research Utilization creates a system whereby it connects research with practitioners. This forms a concrete system which influences practitioners' thinking and behaviors. In most health sectors, practitioners try to integrate various research to create a system which is highly based on evidence. This helps to form a system that tackles all internal and external environmental factor which may influence knowledge application. Therefore, one is able to understand how this information is transferred to other parties in the same field.

Compare and contrast with the other two frameworks

Research application policies are a key aspect which tries to improve health services. In all frameworks, practitioners try to apply varies models so as to understand how to tackle challenges encountered day-by-day. In this case, they use evidence-based practices which enhanced their critical perception so as to develop an effective way of handling a patient. During the implementation process, nurses tend to deploy various frameworks so as to get the best (Mason et al.2016). All framework systems are based on how to improve goals and handle various problems which are affecting the health sector. On the other hand, Stetler's Model of Research Utilization is more based on implementation so as to address sustainable issues affecting the health sector. Hence, it is highly used to form a system such as tools and policies so as to enhance future performance. However, Funk's Model for Improving Dissemination of Nursing Research tries to demonstrate effective way nurses should apply to enhance services delivery. Dobbin's Framework for Dissemination and Utilization of Research tries to integrate various aspects in a hospital setting to enhance service delivery.

Why it would work best for your policy?

The framework works best since it is an essential way nurses may use to enhance service delivery due to an effective technique in decision-making. Decision-making is a critical activity that helps overcome some issues that may affect how an activity is conducted. Additionally, the framework forms a system that tries to link research applications and evidence-informed practices.


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