Organizational Assessment - Free Essay in Healthcare Management

Published: 2019-05-31
Organizational Assessment - Free Essay in Healthcare Management
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Due to the various challenges in the running of hospitals in modern society, there is a need to carry out holistic analysis in the management of the health institutions and ensure that they run efficiently. Analysis of the Florida Hospital in Orlando proves that there are various issues that need keen attention that require proper management to ensure that there is proper service delivery in the institutions (Huan, 2013). In the SWOT analysis of the Florida Hospital, there are a lot of information that help in understanding of the source of effectiveness of the management and the negative effects that cripple the operations at the institution. The SWOT analysis of the Florida helps the management to plan on the ways that managers can use to improve the quality of services and ensure that the hospital makes profits which helps in improving the quality of welfare of the society.

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The SWOT analysis of the Florida Hospital proves that the hospital has various strengths that improve the operations of the institutions. One of the functions is that the hospital is affordable and which increases the number of customers leading to the increase in revenue. The second strength is that the hospital is located at location that makes it to receive high numbers of customers. This is in addition to the brand name that Florida Hospital has created over the years. Some of the strengths are such as expertise of the professionals at the institutions, accessibility and the comprehensiveness and growth of the facility (Yaduvanshi, 2015). The weaknesses of the hospital that have been identified are such as underfunding of some of departments in the facility that affects proper running of activities. The second weakness is the declining employment opportunities making it hard to absorb new workforce into the system.

The final weakness is inadequate modern equipment for the patients at the facility. The opportunities at the health institution include committed staff and the conducive environment for the staff to work in and the patients to receive their treatment. Such factors enable the management of the hospitals to expand the services and adapt to the requirements of the new technological developments. Finally, the hospital is well endowed with proper human and financial resources and which enables it to offer high quality services to the community and strengthen the community-based interventions (Van Durme, 2014). The threats at Florida Hospital are such as fluctuating funding from the relevant authorities that makes it hard to plan and budget in the hospital. Additionally, the economic recession and the rising costs of the basic necessities makes the highly skilled and experienced employees to look for better paying facilities. This affects the operations at the facility.

I retrieved the information on SWOT analysis of the Florida Hospital from the workers of the organization who have credible information about the running of the facility and which aid in the growth of the facility. I also retrieved other information from the internet while the recent information about the institution was through the radio and television. Finally, the information about the history of the company was from the articles, journals and books which aided in understanding the history of the hospital. The study of the SWOT analysis of the Florida Hospital helps greatly to understand the challenges that hospitals face and help in developing means of tackling the challenges. This offers ways of improving the quality of services in hospitals and improving healthcare in the society.


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