Russia Politics in Our Free-to-Download Essay Example

Published: 2018-03-24
Russia Politics in Our Free-to-Download Essay Example
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Russian politics

Considering the two authors, Ariel Cohen and Steven Pifer, the Russian state can be politically analyzed basing different angles. The political analysis by the two authors justifies the critical political being of Russia (Rourke, et al).

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According to Ariel Cohen, basing his argument on “Rethinking reset: Re-Examining the Obama Administration Russia policy,” the Russian government is considered to be hostile. His testimony indicates that the Authoritative Russian government is following policies that are not considerably ethical in the way that they rule their government (Rourke, et al.). The consideration of the ethical being of the Russian government is determined based on the U.S interests.

According to Steven Pifer, the case that the Russian government is hostile is not justifiable. He argues that the Russian state uses the methods that they used as a means of countering their rivals. He says that it is an error to treat them as hostile especially regarding the fact that the difference between them and their rivals could lead to significant negative value on their part (Rourke, et al.).

Politics of Russia

In my view, the case presented by Steven Pifer seems more valid compared to his counterpart’s case. The following scenarios justify my case:

First, the ruling by the criminal investigation of anti-corruption in May, the year 2010 alleging that the Russian state was trying to revenge the attack by their rivals state’s trial to fraud the Russian state’s companies (Harf and Lombardi).

In case of an attack, everyone’s notion would tell them that counter strategies serve well when the likelihood of an attack from the rivals would bring disastrous effect to them. Instead of waiting for them to attack you, you need to try to counter them to ensure that their impact is zero-rated or reduced.

Secondly, the courts’ rejection of Russian state’s appeal on May 31 when the court ruled that it had violated the Khodorkovsky's rights which are indeed not the case. This ruling can be regarded as biased and unjustifiable considering that both sides were not considered before the ruling (Michaleva and Riabov).

I therefore stand with the Steven Pifer’s justifications to reject the case that Russian government is hostile. All the strategies that the proponents of the statement are using to conclude that Russia is an hostile country seems to be nothing more than counter strategies.

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