Essay Example Reviewing PR-Related Articles

Published: 2022-07-26
Essay Example Reviewing PR-Related Articles
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PR in Apple's iPhone 5s Advertisement

For week one, I identified a magazine advertisement for iPhone 5s which was the first of its kind for this specific phone. By looking at the advert shown in the figure below, a lot can be unveiled about Apple's PR strategies.

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To some extent, the advert by Apple also serves to enhance the company's public relations due to a number of reasons. One of these is the fact that just like the process of public relations of any company; the advertisement also is designed to raise awareness of Apple's new product positively. The raising of public awareness is in line with what is required for good public relations that the process succeeds in influencing the opinion of the public. Effective public relations also entail the communication of specific messages to a particular target group, something that the chosen advert does. Clearly, the advert is targeted at the customers of Apple products and specifically those with a specific interest in iPhone 5s. In the advert; the company tries to demonstrate why iPhone 5 s is a unique product by informing the customers about the additional security features that come with the new product (Golson, 2013). By running the advert on a magazine, the message reaches to a wide range of target audiences from both the PR and marketing section. These include the magazine's audience, stakeholders of the company as well as the targeted customers. Therefore, Apple's advert for iPhone 5s enhances the company's public relations by providing general information. This is one of the clever PR strategies used by Apple which enables the company take advantage of the growing power and influence of media.

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Google Ethical Principles a PR Strategy

For week two, I chose an article covering the set of ethical principles that Google decided to implement in the company's efforts to execute its business activities professionally and in an ethical manner. In the figure below, Google CEO, Sundar Pichai explains the steps that his company has decided to take to avoid criticism for its use of artificial intelligence technology (AI) (Sandoval, 2018). The ethical principles also serve as a PR strategy for Google since they serve to protect the company's reputation in the market. Obviously, an organization that conducts its activities in an ethical manner is highly likely to attract new and existing customers to its products and services. As such, by setting out to work within a given set of ethical principles, Google is able to increase its reputation something that ultimately promotes the company's public relations.

As explained by the CEO, Google released a set of rules that is believed to play a critical role in governing the company's application of AI. As highlighted in the article, Google came up with seven principles which include making sure that AI's use is done to applications that benefit the larger society while ensuring safety and fairness. This is a depiction that the company understands the need for acting with professionalism and providing fair practices that are true and of benefit to all concerned. The true definition of ethics is as expressed by the company's CEO whereby he insists that though AI technology has numerous benefits to businesses and consumers, it came to Google's realization that the technology will significantly impact the future generations and for this reason, the company's management felt a broad responsibility to get everything right. As such, all AI applications would be screened to ensure they are "socially beneficial, won't create unfair bias, are safe, accountable to people, incorporate design principles and consistent with scientific excellence" (Sandoval, 2018). The statements made by Google's CEO imply that professional codes of conduct such as serving the interests of all stakeholders should always be adhered to as a way of achieving professionalism in PR.

This article can be found here:

Nike's New Marketing Strategy Boosting Its PR

For week three, I looked at Nike's new marketing mojo which entails a change of approach to marketing from one that used a single-slogan to that which aligns with the digital era. By adopting a new slogan, the company demonstrated its commitment to catering to the demands of its customers. The figure below tries to demonstrate the said change into a more complex marketing strategy that also significantly enhances the company's PR by sharing more information with the customers which serves to promote brand awareness.

Information sharing and effective communication are crucial to successful PR for any company. In this regard, Nike adopted marketing strategies that increase the chances of communication due to their digital nature which plays a vital role in inspiring potential customers towards purchasing products from the given shoe maker. As highlighted in the article, Nike understands the fact that customer service is the front line of public relations. This is illustrated by the company's change of marketing techniques from the use of a star like Tiger Woods to endorse a product to now having the company communicate directly with its consumers (Cendrowski, 2012). Evidently, this proves that Nike is customer-focused, a vital attribute of effective public relations. As stated in the article, Nike allows the brand to interact even more closely with its consumers, which is in agreement with what is expected of excellent public relations. Through the sharing of information, public relations professionals get an opportunity to listen to customers in order to establish the areas that need some improvements.

This article can be found here:


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