School Vaccines Should Be Repealed - Argumentative Essay

Published: 2023-03-02
School Vaccines Should Be Repealed - Argumentative Essay
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Vaccination is one of the mandatory things that children who are entering the school system is required to have. In the United States, a child needs an immunization certificate to join the school. Every state has its specific disease that children should be vaccinated against before entering the school (Seither et al., 2019). Even though vaccination is not mandated in any federal law of the U.S, all 50 states require all children attending public schools to be vaccinated against various diseases, with the exception of those with medical exemption forms. It is believed that vaccination is the best way parents can protect their children from dangerous diseases (Seither et al., 2019). What many people have always ignored are the risks that come with these vaccinations. However, minor the risks might appear or sound, the results are usually fatal. Therefore school vaccines should be repealed for parents to make decisions on whether to vaccinate their children or not.

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Vaccines can cause severe and fatal side effects when admitted to children ("Pros & Cons -," 2019). All vaccines do carry life-threatening risks of allergic reactions (anaphylaxis) in one out of one million children. The retrovirus vaccinations can also cause bowel blockage that can lead to hospitalization. DTaP (diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis) and MMR vaccines are also associated with long term seizures, reduced consciousness, and permanent brain damage ("Pros & Cons -," 2019). CDC may record the rare occurrence of these cases; they remain dangerous to the children's health. There are no previous tests that are carried to confirm the reactions before they admitted. It is not easy to determine whether your child will be the victim, and with all these uncertainties, school vaccinations should be revoked. Revoking these rules will make all children safe from the risks that accompany the vaccines.

The government should not interfere with personal medical choices. The parents should be allowed to make decisions when it comes to their children's health. The government should not force the citizens against their will to be injected with biological products known or unknown toxicity ("government should not intervene in personal medical choices. -," 2019). The side effects of some of these vaccines cause paralysis and ruin the entire life of an innocent child. Some of these vaccines contain toxic and harmful ingredients that endanger the lives of young children at an early stage in life ("government should not intervene in personal medical choices. -," 2019). Some vaccines contain aluminum, and excess aluminum in human bodies causes neurological harm.

The government should also understand that some of these vaccines trespass on some religious freedoms protected by the constitution ("Pros & Cons -," 2019). Some religions oppose immunizations and mandatory vaccinations, and this has made most states to allow religious exemptions forms. States like Minnesota, New York City, and Louisiana do not consider religion to claim exemption from vaccination. Schools also accept medical exemption forms, but these only occur after the vaccine's first reaction meaning the children are first exposed to these dangers. Even getting these medical exemptions is never easy since most health facilities will give replies like 'sorry, our doctors do not write medical exemptions' even to children with adverse reactions to the vaccines. School vaccine repeal will ensure the safety of the children allergic to the vaccines and all those with medical complications.

Mandatory vaccination for school going children is brute and denies the parents the right to decide for their children and assuming that vaccines are safe and effective, outrageous disinformation. Vaccine admission had caused several health problems like brain damage, seizure, paralysis, and even death ("Pros & Cons -," 2019). It is also clear that not all vaccines are properly tested; for instance, the Flumist vaccine was not tested for the carcinogenic or mutagenic response, hence exposes children to cancer disease ("Pros & Cons -," 2019). As things stand, the decisions have been made, and religious exemption has been revoked in almost all states. The one thing that the legislature can pass to ensure children's safety after vaccination is enacting a policy mandating public access to the granular report of school vaccination rates (Cardenas-Comfort & Majumder, 2019). By doing this, they will enhance public and individual decision making, especially for children with compromised immune systems.


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