Free Essay Sample on the Advantages of Nuclear Power

Published: 2022-08-30
Free Essay Sample on the Advantages of Nuclear Power
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Nuclear power is the power released through nuclear reactions and then converted to chemical energy. Such energy continues to play a significant role in the global energy situation presently and will keep doing so in many years to come (Husdal, 2009). Over the last years, nuclear power has received more supporters. Such has been brought about by the fear of global warming due to greenhouse gases, the increased safety features, and also as a result of increased world oil and energy prices.

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Many advantages accrue from nuclear power use. These benefits range both from environmental, social and to the economic perspective. The gains that occur as a result of the usage of this form of energy has made it attract the attention of the global community as its positive impacts overweigh the adverse effects that result from its use.

The environmental perspective as far as the advantage of using nuclear power is concerned is due to its reliability as a low carbon emission type of energy (Nalubanga, 2018). Since it does not produce much Carbon (IV) oxide, it means the rate of environmental pollution reduces significantly in the process. It is also important to note that nuclear energy also consumes very little uranium which unlike oil and gas, is almost abundant everywhere on Earth's crust (Comby, 2006). Also unlike large area covered when mining other sources of energy including oil which destroys vast tracts of land, the nuclear power station is always very compact and only covers a small area similar to a football pitch which reduced the area exposed to destruction. Nuclear power has also been proved to be safe than most forms of energy.

On the social welfare of people, there is significant infrastructural development in areas where such power plants exist including roads and electricity. The construction of schools, employment of communities in the surrounding areas and development of hospitals. Improved water supply is also another advantage associated with nuclear power as the benefit of the local community is given priority.

There are also economic advantages associated with nuclear plants including low-cost energy is availed to the community as nuclear power is cheaper as compared to other forms of energy (Nalubanga, 2018). There is also a high rate of industrialization, reduced prices of essential goods and services in the market as a result of low energy cost. Adequate revenue generated through nuclear power also goes to the government. Such taxes help in economic development.

It is, therefore necessary for countries and the global community to embrace nuclear power if we were to deal with issues of clean energy, improve the social welfare of our people and also the champion for environmental conservation through the reduction of global warming.


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