Essay Sample: Nursing Theory Selected As a Guide for Practicum Experience

Published: 2023-03-24
Essay Sample: Nursing Theory Selected As a Guide for Practicum Experience
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I selected the nursing theory of human caring by Jean Watson, which anchored to the principle of caring. The approach was forged by the missions and visions of nurse Florence Nightingale of which she asserted that the primary role and core responsibility of a professional nurse is to make his or her patients in the best position to initiate self-healing process through encouragement, love, caring, and motivation to enable them not to lose hope in life(Jones,2018). Besides, Watson belief in the ideology which asserts that people cannot be seen as mere objects, and they cannot also be isolated from themselves, other nature and the universe and is focused on curative potential for both the whom care is being given and for the caregiver (Revels, Goldberg & Watson, 2016). The concepts and principles of Human theory caring by Watson play a critical role in professional growth and development, which helps me to integrate and penetrate the social system by putting into consideration most of the values and virtues of which the community upholds alongside the nursing code of conducts.

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Goals and Objective for Practicum Experience

First Month

  • Develop a working relationship with my colleagues and other clinical site staff and develop SMART objectives
  • Asses patients and triage patients. Able to present detailed clinic finding to my preceptor.
  • Apply pathophysiology knowledge and demonstrate the ability to develop differential diagnoses with the assistance of my preceptor.

Second Month

  • Gather past medical history and develop a set of evidence-based treatment plans.
  • Continue to assess the patient and make changes in the treatment plan as needed.
  • Coach and guide my patient for effective ailment self-management.

Third Month

  • Participation in evidence-driven research and practice for may require patients in the assessment of clinical results.
  • Exhibit the capability to evaluate a new patient and developing an appropriate analysis and treatment plan independently.

Seven Domains of Practice Kept in Mind When Creating Goals and Objective for Practicum Experience

According to Pabillo and Laguinday (2018), Human Caring theory and its seven domains competencies act as guidelines and foundation for nursing practices for nurses at their place of work and creating a conducive environment for the patient to heal effectively. The domain of practice establish scientific structure of human caring of which are built upon the following caritive factors;

Co-create; it enables to create a healing environment for both spiritual and physical self through respecting human dignity. I found co-creation through coaching and guiding patients to facilitate healing within the APRN-patient bond to support effective ailment self-management.

Embrace; it involves enhancing altruistic nursing values and practicing loving and kindness with self and people around. I initiated this by demonstrating competence in exercising direct clinic services since it is the primary domain of patient-centered care and focuses on essential areas, including continence care.

Inspiring, and instilling faith, and hope in the patient is one way of creating a caring and healing environment based on the human caring theory (Campbell,2013). Achieved this by being available for open consultation when necessary to improve relations between professionals to transfer skilled specialty knowledge productively.

Deepen; Use of the scientific method to solve psychological, mental, physical, and spiritual challenges is necessary during practice practicum. Created deepen process by participating in evidence-driven research and practice that brings new designs of patient care procedures and policies, and in the assessment of clinical results.

Balance; nursing practicum experience does not only involve caring for patients but also learning and teaching to address patients' needs. I achieved this by participating in ethical decision making to aid developing, contemplating, and recognizing just and equitable answers to moral predicaments.

Nurture; during nursing practicum experience, enhancing trust and helping one another initiate a caring relationship. To facilitated nursing, I offered leadership as a cooperative procedure that simplifies strategies and activities to accomplish organizational and clinical goals.

Open, according to Clark (2016), being open creates free engagement with colleagues in nursing facilities. To develop and enhance openness, I established a collaborative environment since a strong relation between nurses develops useful resolutions toward a mutual outcome or purpose.

In conclusion, all monthly goals and objectives were achieved within the set time frame. The main factors that enabled me to complete the set primary goal and purpose were based on the establishment of collaboration and coordination in a working environment. It initiated teamwork through the use of the seven domains of human caring theory.


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