Reading Profile of a Student, Free Essay Example

Published: 2022-03-29
Reading Profile of a Student, Free Essay Example
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This essay, purposes to look into the life of a young boy aged 12 years- his reading interests and ability. Also, the essay will elaborate and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the child as well as making valid and vivid recommendations on how the child can grow academically including improving his reading skills. LaGuardia stipulates that the ability to read and comprehend text well is at the heart of educational attainment and, as such, is central to children's elementary school success (2000). Unfortunately, success in elementary school (and beyond) disproportionately eludes many minorities and economically disadvantaged children. Large numbers of children, often in high-poverty schools, are not developing the reading skills needed for success in school. According to Chapman, "As parents, the most important thing to do is read to children early and often. Reading is the path to success in school and life. When children learn to love books, they learn to love learning (2015)."

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The interviewee was a middle-level junior whose learning ability undoubtedly had developed to an amazing level. He was not only fluent in language and grammar, but he also had a great mastery of language. The interviewee was a busy kid who reads not just for fun but also to gain knowledge. The author noted that the kid had established a goal of his learning. The 12-year boy is fun of fiction such as "Harry Potter and The Philosophers Stone." Most children at this age read mainly when doing their homework. This is because they know that failure to do it will result in punishment which they fear. However, the interviewee said he reads for fun, and when asked how he had learned how to read and what motivated him the kid turned to his mother, the two smiled at each other, and it is evident that the mother was the motivation and she is behind her son's success.

Reading to your child on a regular basis can create bonds between parents and their children (Hinton 1973). One of the things you can do to influence a child's positive growth and development is to spend time with them. Reading to children every day, starting as early as when they are infants, can help with language acquisition and literacy skills. Also, research shows that this practice stimulates the part of the brain that allows them to understand the meaning of language and helps build essential language, literacy, and social skills.

Recommendation to parents on how to make kids fall in love with reading and books.

Parents can use different methods to make their kids fall in love with reading. There are various ways the author recommends for parents to make kids fall for books reading.

Reading as a chore.

According to, ("Teach Them All to Read: Catching Kids Before they Fall through the Cracks," 2009) children should be encouraged to read, but parents should not make it seem mandatory. Parents should strive to develop a reading spirit in their children. If they nag their kids about reading, homework, and studying, kids are likely to regard them as chores or just some routine activities.

Reading to your kids.

James & James, in their article state, that not often reading to your kids can be the worst induction that a kid will ever get from the parents or guardian (2012). For kids learning is stepwise and can be equated to their developmental milestones- where the baby crawls, takes the first few steps which graduate to usual steps and later the kid can run. In the same manner, children first learn by listening to people read to them then in due time they will develop the skills and learn to read for themselves.

Let the kids read what they want.

Children should be allowed to read books they like, such as Spot Goes to Sleep, Captain Underpants, and Poopy Diaper Joke ad infinitum. Letting them do so creates a scene of maturity in them. However, this should not be confused with being so lenient to the extent of allowing them to read adult content (Gilrane, 2009,).

Help them find favorite authors

Because it is often difficult to see the specific book you're looking for at the library, try encouraging your kids to look for authors instead. As a general rule of thumb, I recommend kids to have a favorite author per grade level and that this is an ongoing quest. If a third grader has three favorite authors, suddenly they have a lot of options when they scan those shelves. Not only will they have the three authors they are currently holding up, but they also have the authors they are auditioning to move to the top three slots.

In conclusion, learning is a process for children as it is for adults. In order for them to have good reading skills, the importance of reading must be instilled in them at a tender age. Parents play a very critical role in the whole process.


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