Paper Example. Josquin Desprez, Gloria from Missa Pange Lingua

Published: 2023-04-18
Paper Example. Josquin Desprez, Gloria from Missa Pange Lingua
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Missa Pange Lingua is a famous musical setting by Franco-Flemish that was composed by Josquin Desprez during the last days of his life. It is chanted during the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. The song has five arts, namely Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, Sanctus, and Agnus Dei, with each of the parts separating the various elements of music into their different parts and later bringing them together. The components help us understand the meaning and what the music is about. The tune that is heard at the end of the song produced from the literal quotations from the Pange lingua hymn makes the audience members enjoy listening to it over and over again. The song's sound is also expressive and pure and free-flowing hence grabbing the listener's attention and creating emotions. The flowering of the chant melodies at the last part of the Agnus Dei drives home the theological message of the chant on which the mass is based on. The imitation style in which of one voice to another creates rhymes and has a good flow. The method of word painting that was established by Josquin also makes the lyrics of the song more expressive and enjoyable.

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Oliver Messian, Quartet for the End of Time;

The music Quarter for the End of Time was composed by a French author called Olivier Messiaen in the year 1941. Messiaen composed the song while he was a prisoner of war in German detention, and he first performed it to his fellow prisoners. He wrote the song out of inspiration from the book of Revelation, chapter 10 from verses 1 to 2 and 57(King James Version). The song's musical language is enjoyable and remarkable and everyone would love to listen to it over and over again. However, there is an extreme level of violence in the music which could be as a result of the situation of Messiaen (a prisoner). Therefore, the entire song reveals to the listeners that Messian struggles to not only to endure the terrible conditions but also to incorporate the experience into his Catholic faith. The music is also expressive and emotional as it contains moving quotes about his fears and struggles as a prisoner. The tune's violent sounds reveal and give an understanding of the composer's feelings as well as console the listeners. It also contains different inspirational scriptural texts. The sounds from the four instruments piano, cello, violin, and clarinet make the song more enjoyable to listen to. Quartet for the End of Time is, therefore, a profoundly expressive piece of music, filled with intimations of nature, love, beauty, and divinity. The unique instruments arrangement and musical combinations stressed beats, and lack of a steady tonality in the song all point toward expressing anger and injustice.

Dolly Parton's "I Will Always Love You"

I will always love you is a song that was composed by Dolly Paton but Whitney Houston first performed it. The music captivates many people's hearts from the lyrics interpretation, instruments, and video. Although the lyrics of the song are sad, the message is quite clear and expresses the feelings of her love. The melody, harmony, rhythm, and message being conveyed through the song are the individual musical elements that I hear when listening to the song "I will always love you." I listen to the song reflects my personality because it is sad being left by a close person, and you would always want them back. The tune' I Will Always Love You', can express your feelings and emotions and escape from pain as well as get entertained, and the song does it so well.


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