Free Essay on Swot Analysis of Hilton Los Angeles Airport Hotel

Published: 2023-03-16
Free Essay on Swot Analysis of Hilton Los Angeles Airport Hotel
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Hilton Los Angeles Airport Hotel is one of the lucrative hotels in Los Angeles, California. The hotel is among the chief destinations for tourists from all over the world visiting the United States of America. The paper is to purposefully written to present the SWOT analysis of the Hilton Los Angeles Airport Hotel. SWOT Analysis is a powerful technique for determining the performance of a business in a given market. SWOT is a technique that can be written in full as Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. By analyzing these four aspects of a particular business, one is able to get a holistic view of performance and possible opportunities and threats existing in the market. The technique also reveals the business's chances of growth and development.

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The Hilton Los Angeles Airport Hotel is situated at the Los Angeles International Airport, California. From the 105 freeway, the hotel is westward, five blocks away on the right side. Its location is very strategic for easy access by visitors at the airport and the surrounding places. The hotel has been built and equipped to fit the world-class service capacity to cater to guests from all over the world. It is one of the best hotels in California. I gathered the information from this hotel both from its website at on December 11, 2019, at noon. The primary information acquired for this research was from personal observation during a visit to the hotel on December 11, 2019. On the surrounding of this hotel, there are many other hotels competing with it for the same customers. Among the most significant competitors noted include Marriott Hotel, Kal Lounge, Petrossian, Chaya, PF Chang's Hotel, Kentucky Fried Chicken, James' Beach, Sammy's Pizza & Grill, Real Food Daily (HMS) among many others.

While at the premises, I made the following observations. The hotel is located in the best place that is strategic for easy access for visitors visiting the Los Angeles International Airport. The environment was very clean and tidy with attractive landscaping that compliments the comfort available at the hotel. The hotel shuttle was actively driving visitors on and off the hotel premises to the airport or any other place of visitors' interest around the airport area. The reception at the hotel was very encouraging. The receptionists greet guests with happiness and offer friendly guidance whenever necessary. The free WIFI at the premises was a notable added advantage at the hotel (Hilton Los Angeles Airport, 2019).The Hilton Los Angeles Airport Hotel has numerous amenities that make the experience of visitors complete at the premises. There are spacious meeting rooms, business center, photocopying services, ATMs, concierge desk, bar area, electric car charging station, elevators, car rental desk foreign currency exchange point, fitness room, and a pool. All these and many others make the visitors' experience at the hotel very remarkable and memorable. Below is a detailed SWOT analysis of the Hilton Los Angeles Airport Hotel.



The Hilton Los Angeles Airport Hotel has remarkable brand recognition. The hotel is well-known for its extraordinary amenities and services. The hotel is famous because it is among the chain of hotels belonging to the Hilton Group of hotels that are located all over the world. Hilton hotel provides the best comfort required by its customers and customized meals that befit the appetite of its consumers. This has greatly enhanced the brand name of the hotel among many visitors, not only in California but also everywhere else all over the world.

The hotel has highly trained employees. The employees of the hotel are always hospitable, happy, and caring for guests visiting the hotel. The warm welcome given by the receptionist brings great comfort to guests and make them feel at home. The cordial guidance that the guests receive from the hotel's employees makes them feel valued and important in the hotel environment. All these, coupled with the nicely constructed environment, bring great relief to visitors making then want to stay longer at the hotel premises.

Highly customized dishes bring joy and the ultimate enjoyment of meals at the hotel. Hilton hotel serves several dishes according to the customer's request. The food preparation process is very fast and effective for providing the taste that exceeds the customers' expectations. The foods are served by order. The process is up to date. The time the customer orders food and the delivery gap is really short. The employees are very swift and alert to the customers' needs at the hotel. This makes it very comfortable for customers to take whatever meals they desire at the hotel and rush to attend their personal care on time. In addition to that, the employees are also always at hand to offer any guidance to any guest who needs it. This enables all guests to acquire whatever they desire or wish to have at the hotel.

The hotel employees have good communication skills. The employees are multi-lingual; they can speak fluently in many languages enabling them to get along with visitors from many different parts of the world. There is nothing so important as good communication. Being able to understand what another person says makes it very easy for people to interact and communicate with each other. This is very important, especially in a hotel environment, since the hotel employees will need to understand what the guests need and provide them with those needs to make them satisfied.

Hilton Hotel offers a variety of services that makes it very easy and comfortable for various individuals or groups of individuals to enjoy their stay at the hotel. The hotel has a large and well-equipped business center where customers can have almost all of their commercial needs sorted out. There are spacious and comfortable meeting rooms suitable for holding private or corporate meetings conveniently. Photocopying machines and the automatic teller machines are also available to enable customers to access these services within the hotel without necessarily having to move away from the hotel to get such services. Apart from that, the hotel also has facilities that facilitate comfort for family members at the premises. The children's menu served at the hotel is a great compliment to foods served for adults having children at the hotel. The high-speed wireless internet at the hotel enables the visitors to connect to the social communication platforms or online businesses while at the school. The baggage storage services relieve guests of the stress on how to keep their luggage while having a good time at the hotel premises. Moreover, the fitness room also provides the ultimate enjoyment and fun for lovers of exercise.


The hotel has failed to solve the challenges posed by new entrants into the market making it lose some customers to other hotels. There are many hotels rising every day to compete with the Hilton Hotel in the provision of services. Since the hotel has not managed to control them, they have drawn some of the customers of the Hilton Hotel.

Despite having a good brand name, Hilton Hotel has a limited market share due to the presence of competitors. The hotel is vulnerable to these other hotels and requires an extra effort to phase them off from business (Ahsan et al., 2014).


The hotel has the opportunity to expand to reach a wider market by utilizing technology extensively. The use of communication media, as well as social media platforms, can greatly bring a great improvement in the hotel's customer traffic.

Innovation to improve customer services may also boost the hotel's performance. Innovation involves providing new and improved services that befit the customers' current needs. The idea here is to exceed customers' expectations.


The threat facing the Hilton Hotel is the stiff competition at the surrounding place. The region has numerous hotels and restaurants that struggle to get a share of customers and make them loyal. This is a major threat to the business performance of the Hilton Hotel.


Hilton Los Angeles Airport Hotel is a luxurious and well-progressing business. The hotel has an excellent quality of food and a good environment. It is located strategically to be easily accessible to all visitors visiting the Los Angeles Airport. However, the hotel has failed to suppress the growth of new entrants, making it lose some of its customers. Heightened competition is a major threat facing it. The hotel would do better if the management considered embracing innovation and the extensive use of technology and social media platforms to popularize the business more.


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