Women Still Can't 'Have it All': A Tale of Annie Marie Slaughter - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-10-13
Women Still Can't 'Have it All': A Tale of Annie Marie Slaughter - Essay Sample
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A foreign professional Annie Marie slaughter drew interest with her essay on why women still cannot have it all in recently called the Atlantic. She was a director of policy planning for the United States department working at then as a secretary of the state (Papiano, 2016). This opportunity at then meant her work away from her family Princeton, where her spouse and two teenage sons lived. For her career job, she could spend time with the family only on weekends. Through this challenge, she found it an unstable and utterly unforeseen period for her life. Slaughter enunciates how, at least, the burden of her family and work lives grew gradually discordant as her occupation advanced, and her children reached their teenage. Having a family and work commitments growing and ever demanding each, Slaughter was forced to make a complicated decision to return to Princeton from Washington as her family required. I, therefore, express my opinions on slaughter arguments.

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The slaughter argument is very relevant, for we can see a significant change from the past generation to the current cohort of the people. Slaughter argues that all the managers should follow the United States secretary's work pattern, who set the tone in the department where she was working during her period before she was faced with frustration balancing of work and the family. Her manager could allow her to have time to spend with family’s mornings and evenings (Walters, 2016). Ms. Slaughter articulates that the best confidence for refining a lot of women and closing the new gender gap by ensuring equal representation on the government. She mentions for the United States electing a woman president and women senators. She also emphasizes traveling to acquire job opportunities, despite it being traumatic and disrupting family life, which is routine combat to be fought.

Slaughter's argument shows the importance of changing the evasion rules governing the office work and set out standard expectations about when, where, and how the labor to be done. Later, when she was the dean of Woodrow Wilson School of public and international affairs, she managed to introduce the importance of the family given the first monastery. On her redefine the arc of a successful career, she argues that men and women in good health can work until seventy-five years, so women should sight their job as irregular stair steps over a long period (Papiano, 2016). Likewise, she argues that women who conquer power in an organization should alter the customs by purposely talking about the children and their aspiration to have a balanced life. She was warned against this at the Wilson school by her some female assistant professors, who anxiously didn't show the seriousness expected of a dean, thus letting downside the female.

According to Ms. Slaughter's arguments, i am convinced point out that her arguments were valid. If extra women could assault a labor life balance, additional women would spread leadership sites, intern they would make it easier for other further women vacation in the labor force. Among her arguments, she articulates one example to show how women at topmost are not gifted with associating supreme court justices. Notably, one of the judges commenced her occupation as a magistrate when her last born child was almost grownup implying the importance of being close to the family. According to Ms. Slaughters, the significant weaknesses in achieving a labor lifespan stability is the ethos that still permeates the specialization (Walters, 2016). That's the compression of added time in the workplace through incoming at down, leaving after time and coming for work none working days, which is usually anticipated. Ms. Slaughter proposes that a unique technique to make a variation is to alteration the starting point outlooks around when, where, and how effort is to be completed. Finally, family is considered to be unique and should be considered and addressed as a priority. Spending adequate time with them for one's profession can limit your time with the family.


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