Free Essay Example on Gender Bias in Workplace

Published: 2020-04-27 08:12:56
Free Essay Example on Gender Bias in Workplace
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This team was formed with an aim of identifying incidences of gender bias in the different workplaces and set up. It is believed that both males and females are discriminated against in the workplace in terms of roles and duties they are assigned or even top managerial appointments. Ours is a group of 5 individuals tasked with the research of gender bias in our respective places of internship.

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Group members.

Name:Email:Phone number:

Edgar [email protected]+13628674903

Joyce Mc[email protected]+13638700015

Ann [email protected]+13625600973

Crystal [email protected]+13688773659

Mark [email protected]+13637309831

Groups Background

Experience and Skill.

We are fortunate as a team to have a diversity of experience and skill from different job sectors. 2 of our team members are working in the banking industry, 2 are with the government in the public sector and 1 in the manufacturing industry. In light of this we can proudly say we have a good diversification of different job markets to conduct our research effectively and come up with a broad view on the subject matter.

Development needs.

In spite of the diversification in experience within us we fail to have adequate knowledge in high tier positions appointment within organization and how they are effected. On this we aim to conduct an interview with two different board members of different companies and have them enlighten us on what criteria to use.

Members Roles

Chair: Mark Brenner

As the chair his role will be to act as the over sight authority of the teams objectives and functions.

Coordinator: Crystal Smith

In this role she will direct, and ensure individual assignments are given and that timelines on task met.

Secretary: Ann Howard

She will be responsible for documenting and writing minutes of the teams agendas and meetings.

Resource Mobilizers: Edgar James and Joyce McKenzie

As the resource mobilisers the two will ensure that, resources such as stationary and venues for holding meetings are available as and when required to facilitate smoothing running of teams business.

Regulations and Guidelines

To ensure the smooth and timely completion of the teams mandate, some guidelines were established and expected of all members. These were

Ensuring that they keep time when expected.

To show dedication and commitment to individual and team objectives.

Respect for each other during the engagement.

Keep a well kempt appearance as first impressions are lasting.

Conflicts of Interest.

In conducting our tasks and duties it is apparent that some roles could be conflicting for instance, the chairs role and the coordinators role or the coordinators role and the resource mobilizers. To counter this we have decided to restrict the coordinators tasks to activities within the teams meeting. We have also agrees that any overlapping task between members should be discussed and agreed upon in the meetings.

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