Why Is Twitter the Medium of Choice for Donald Trump? The Free Essay Answers

Published: 2022-03-11
Why Is Twitter the Medium of Choice for Donald Trump? The Free Essay Answers
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Donald Trump's campaigns steered in the digital system of campaigning by the sophisticated utilization of the internet. As a result, the mass electronic media, especially the internet have been coordinated and more or less guided by the service providers through different networks. The president has, in many occasions relied on the good graces of the internet service providers and news organizations that are fundamentally in charge of controlling the pipeline of information to a wider variety of audience. With his most recent high number of tweets stemming from the time of campaigns to the time in office, Donald Trump will likely join the list of first social media presidents. Many presidential candidates have used the Twitter platform to send information to their audiences, President Barrack Obama for instance, developed a huge number of Twitter following. Donald Trump is the first president of the United States to use Twitter as part of the continuous strategy to send his messages, uncut and unfiltered.

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The Twitter platform has a large number of users, perhaps due to its simplicity and convenience (Gayo-Avello 9). Donald Trump alone has over sixteen million followers; the number that is far much higher than the number of FOX viewers which only averages three million in night prime time. Trump's Twitter handle has generated close to 34,000 tweets to the sixteen million followers (Prier 31). Twitter is the medium of choice for trump it has a large number of audiences; it has about 317 million users per month (Marwick et al. 17). Trump finds Twitter as a convenient platform where he can express his thought without any interference. When a president agrees to the use of a technology as a means of communication, the technological milestone is usually made. The president's adoption of a new communication technology usually facilitates the spread of ideas, inspiration, and commitments to the national and international activities. They are also capable of easily engaging and connecting with the voters. Although other means of communication such as electronic and print media have values in influencing the public, Trump prefers the use of Twitter since it has the capability to shed the widest net with propinquity across the world. Twitter as a social network has a fascinating progression and it influences all form of communication, both formal and informal.

Twitter was designed to continuously feed the egos. When the Twitter addicts happen to be the most powerful in the world, they might use the platform to showcase their powerful position and to influence or hoodwink the public towards believing in a certain philosophy. President Trump, being a person who constantly seeks for attention, and due to his reckless reaction, finds the Twitter to be the right platform for expressing his feelings and thoughts towards a given idea. By blurring public and private discourse, Twitter enables Trump to convert private discussion into a public speech. Trump often finds the Twitter to be the right technology in manhandling public's interest. In most cases, the Twitter technology enables him to grab the media spotlight whenever the information from his Twitter handle is of great interest to the public.

During the 2016 presidential campaign, Trump used Twitter to showcase his capability of becoming the United States president (Parmar 19). He made rigorous efforts to boost his public profile through Twitter amidst the controversial issues that surrounded his campaigns. He found out that Twitter was the right platform to connect with the audience and to challenge his opponents. Instead of taking part in press conferences and policy debates, Trump focused on Twitter in attacking his political opponents and other congressional leaders as a way of gaining public attention. From the period of the campaign, Trump became addicted to Tweeting and he continues to use it to suppress the people opposed to his ideologies. Donald Trump is a master of verbal encounters and Twitter providers give him the right platform to convert his verbal expression into text and thereafter direct it to his opponents. After Donald Trump won the 2016 election and moved to the White House, his options for public expressions narrowed (Simon 27). The public appearances became more formal and fewer, his fans and supporters could not easily listen to him. Trump being a person who finds pleasure from attention, the loneliness and the ceremonial nature of the presidency could have become unendurable. But still, he had one more outlet, a way to connect with his fans and to gain attention from the public by enhancing the political attacks, the Twitter. Since the political campaigns were over, Trump found Twitter to be the right platform for enhancing his publicity and popularity within and outside the borders, He continued Tweeting as the president since he had no any other opportunity of informally engaging the public as he used to do before and during the 2016 campaigns (Parmar 17). After taking the office, Trump kept up his frantic political campaign tempo on Twitter, currently, his tweets attract many audiences, a scenario that is evident from the 'retweets' and 'likes' facilitated by his followers. Infringing tweeting tendency is always hard. Just like other social media platforms, Twitter enhances uncontrollable or addictive pattern of behavior and Donald Trump is a victim in this case. Twitter has led him to develop status-seeking instinct which he can only obtain through tweeting.

Donald Trump often spends a lot of time in monitoring the media's perception towards his policies and governing tactics. The great coverage from the media often become magnificent in his thinking, to try and correct or counter the information from different media houses, he usually turns to Tweeting to support or even amplify the information produced in order to maintain his popularity and public image. Trump finds Twitter to be a tool of manipulation and a platform of enhancing games of chances. In other words, Trump controls Twitter and Twitter controls Trump. Twitter is usually the right platform used by various government officials to pass information, at the same time; it connects different people across the world and can be used for personal communication. Donald Trump not only use the Twitter for the above-mentioned purposes but also for instigating political ideologies aimed at enhancing his political careers.

In conclusion, Twitter remains the medium of choice for Donald Trump since he finds it on the right platform where he can connect with various people due to fewer public appearances. Through Twitter, he also finds the right platform for facilitating his political campaigns through attacking the opponents. Due to his affection for tweeting as well as the unpolished, unvarnished and bluntness of the contents, Trump finds Twitter to be the right platform for expressing his ideas and thoughts.

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