MBA Admission Essay Sample

Published: 2018-02-06
MBA Admission Essay Sample
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The emphasis on shared experiences and collaborative learning that underlies the MBA program is the most attractive quality that I believe will form a major and positive contribution towards both my personal and professional goals in life. In the world today, diversity is a significant aspect that characterizes interactions in both personal and professional capacity. In both professional and personal life, humans encounter people from different backgrounds and have to learn the most progressive way of relating with them for success in individual as well as professional life. Through shared experiences and collaborative learning, I hope to gain knowledge and skills that will enhance my ability to work and relate with people from diverse backgrounds.

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The program’s core focus is beneficial in the sense that it is not limited in scope and mimics the real world, which consists of interaction between various entities, specialties, and fields. Through collaborative learning, I hope to learn the best way in which I can utilize the skills I have learned and apply them in numerous realms in life. It is important to note that the professional world today works in a manner that integrates knowledge and skills from various fields. As such, learning the most suitable manner of applying this knowledge in the real world is something that I deem to be importance and hope to learn from classmates in order to attain and enhance my goals in life both as a professional and as an individual.

Through shared experiences and collaboration in learning, I hope to learn how to excel in looking at things from the viewpoints of others and their different approaches. Since my classmates will have varying perceptions and opinions on various issues, I will be able to learn how to evaluate issues by examining them in different ways. This I believe will benefit me professionally as it will enhance my skills of decision-making and problem solving. Additional things that I hope to learn from my classmates in this learning environment are the skills of critical thinking and communication. Such skills are difficult for one to learn and perfect on their own since they involve relating with others. In relating with my classmates, I hope to learn how to be an effective communicator and critical thinker.

I believe that learning and personal development are continuous processes which are nurtured through everyday experiences. Through sharing and working together with my classmates, I hope to keep learning aspects that will enhance my personal growth and equip me with skills that I can apply in reaching my professional goals. Such a learning environment as established by the institution encourages one to maximize the ability to become better and strive towards excellence.

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