Essay Sample for You: Suicide Prevention Program

Published: 2022-06-17
Essay Sample for You: Suicide Prevention Program
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At this moment, I write to you to put across my sincere concern on the issue of suicide. I am a psychiatrist and a voter at [XX] District, and I have been able to come across several incidents of suicide among teens, people with addition and some cases concerning people with no health concerns. The general population has prompted to be affected by suicide cases due to the psychological trauma of addiction with many others committing suicide due to unknown reasons. Suicide is an act of intentional cause of death to oneself.

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Suicide compromises life amid causing bipolar disorder, depression, personality disorder and schizophrenia (World Health Organization, 2012). To curb the health issue concerning there should be proper identification of stakeholders concerning suicide prevention. In your position, you are capable of initiating suicide prevention program through identification of suitable stakeholders to enhance multi-sectoral approach that should involve healthcare professionals (Auburn School, n. d.). There should also be representatives from other sectors to improve the program towards the reduction of suicidal cases.

It has come to the public notice that the ministry of health, social welfare and Education can help a lot in coming up with the representatives concerning the healthcare policy towards the reduction of suicide (Bertolote & Fleischmann, 2015). As a key figure in the government, your position is capable of empowering the general public health sectors to come up with public health management programs, emergency care staff, geriatricians, pediatricians, statisticians, and bereavement specialist towards adopting a better policy.

As a psychiatrist, I am following the issue of suicide closely, and I assure you that the useful measure towards the reduction of this issue is connected to structuring out the roles of suicide prevention stakeholders. It will be of great support to enhance both moral, and finance-specific support towards suicide prevention across the state (World Health Organization, 2012). It is required for the stakeholders to act decisively towards identifying the causative factors and suggest possible mechanism towards the best approaches to avoid recurrent suicide cases.


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