Free Essay Answering Why College First-year Students Should Work

Published: 2022-09-26
Free Essay Answering Why College First-year Students Should Work
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Most students upon joining college are faced by serious challenges which in the long run poised detrimental effects to their general academic outcome (Freeman et al. 211). Notably, it is worth acknowledging the fact that, by combining both work and studies most students thrive well as compared to their counterparts who only concentrates on studies. Significantly, this paper focuses on some of the most important reasons why first-year college students should work while conducting studies at the same time.

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To begin with, the students who opt to work in respective fields while conducting studies tend to portray a good level of competence in the job market (Freeman et al. 211). It is imperative to note that, most employers require graduates with the technical know-how in the respective fields of study. It is therefore relevant for the student in various colleges to indulge in the extra job opportunities to gain the required skills needed in the job market. On the same account, a work placement enables the students to acquire the relevant attributes such as communication skills, problem-solving, teamwork, and time management that graduate recruiters look for. Once the students gain the employable skills, it becomes easy to navigate between the tasks available in the job market which effectively influences their outcome in the job market. Besides, by combining both studies and work, the student tends to acquaint themselves with the most challenging situations but instead gain the relevant skills which seem essential in the job market. Such attributes include being able to work in a busy team, time management skills, commercial awareness as well as customer care services. On the other hand, the students who opt to work at the same time study tend to be more responsible and cooperative in the manner in which they handle either machines or the general application of technology (Freeman et al. 211).

Secondly, working in college generally allows the students to make extra income which helps lower the debts incurred on studies. Significantly, the considerable amount of obligations sustained can greatly be reduced by generating money from other sources. Such students tend to be financially independent and find their general operation at school more interesting since they can quickly settle the bills on time. Tentatively, by engaging in outside jobs such as becoming a tutor, brand ambassadors; residential advisors among others can easily enable the students to generate some income to allow them operates smoothly within the institution.

Most importantly, working in college can make the students save money which later grants them the financial freedom needed while conducting studies within the institution. Apparently, in-depth indicates that most students mostly generate extra income on the part-time jobs which render them financially independent during their study periods.

Thirdly, one of the biggest reasons why first-year college students should work is due to the fact that, the part-time engagements make the students independent and boosts their level of self-confidence and personal growth (Freeman et al. 212). Ultimately, by working the students gain insight into the importance and value of money. For instance, the students can easily plan well without depending on their parents for more funds to full fill their extra needs. Apart from this, when the students toil hard saves money to purchase an item, they learn to value money and ultimately use it wisely which is one of the greatest attributes most students lack while conducting studies at various colleges(Freeman et al. 213).

In conclusion, most students in colleges should embrace working alongside studies as a strategy to help curb the challenging situations. Besides, the students expect much more regarding the experience as well as the general skills needed in the job market.

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