Free Essay on Immigration Reform Bill

Published: 2020-02-19
Free Essay on Immigration Reform Bill
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The world's globalization has given the opportunity to exploit resources and opportunities elsewhere across the world. However, in the United States people come with the primary aim of getting the best opportunities and living a better life. United States is a democratic country and most of the immigrants come to the country with great hope of finding freedom and improving their living conditions. The situation is not pleasing whatsoever. Most of people now face the harsh conditions in the country trying to find and create better opportunities. The immigration system has been broken. This paper will examine the various reasons why the people of United States require the immigration policy bills and how the Immigration policy bill signed by President Barack Obama has influenced the current immigration system in the United States.

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The immigration system has not been effectively in control of the immigration processes in the country, (Hollifield et al 2014). Various immigrant families faces harsh treatment and conditions while trying to settle in the United States. For instance, families are separated. In addition, most of the immigrants are people who come with the main aim of improving their living conditions through securing better job opportunities. Through harsh treatment from the immigration officers, some people lose their lives while trying to cross the American borders into the country.

For long time, there has been discrimination of immigrants who come into the country either against gender or race. United States is a leading country in the world which advocates for democracy and freedom to all human beings irrespective of the race, gender, size or age. Therefore, how the country treats its visitors should reflect their ideology of respect to every human being. Everyone has a right to go to any country so long as he/she has not broken any law of the country. Everyone has also every right to be treated like others because we are all human beings. The country requires to come up with a policy that will ensure that every human dignity is respected and protected. In addition, the policy will ensure that those who wish attain the U.S citizenship are treated fairly just like any other person in the country. Despite the fact that United States is a developed country, it still requires development in terms of its economy to sustain the growing population of the country (Nguyen 2015). Therefore, the country needs to reshape its immigration policies to allow those people with the skills and capabilities to stay in the country and bring the economic development. Because maybe those who are denied the chance to attain citizenship have the capabilities that can promote the country to another level in terms of economic growth. Aside from the harsh and mistreatment that immigrants receive while coming to America, the immigration policies should be strengthened. This is because most of people for so long have had idea that coming to America is easier and anyone can come into the country even without undertaking the legal actions and gone through the legal processes. Therefore, the country has been for so long overcrowded with people who do not have the legal documents to allow them stay in the country. The immigration legal processes should be strengthened to give those who wish to stay in the U.S with genuine and legal documents to stay in the country.

For long period the United States immigration policy system has had several challenges in trying to register immigrants. People have overcrowded the country and employers have been employing workers with no documents to allow them stay in the country. It is estimated that around 11 million people in the U.S do not have legal documents which allow them to stay in the country. Despite the fact that they are contributing to the countrys economy, it is not good for the country (Nguyen 2015). President Obama have tried to rescue the immigration system by introducing the immigration reform bills which was passed in the senate house in 2013.

Obamas immigration Bill has the following impacts in the U.S; first, the countrys security system has been enhanced across the borders. The presidents reforms gave the law enforcement organizations efficient resources that they could need to protect the countrys border. This include; improving the infrastructure and equipping the organizations with the current technological resources. All these have ensured that those communities living around the borders are safe and the borders are protected. The reform has ensured that any illegal activity is prevented and criminals who attempt to flee into the country through the illegal ways are apprehended and prosecuted.

The immigration reforms have also enhanced the legal processes of acquiring documents in the country. The reform has made it easy for immigrants to obtain legal documents which allow them to stay in the county legally easily. This has enhanced the education system of the country as foreign students can get their visas easily. In addition, the reform has also enhanced the countrys economic system as entrepreneurs can now get their visas easily and faster (Nguyen 2015). This has allowed families to reunite in a human manner without discrimination (Lee 2015). The presidents reform has reduced the number of those immigrants who stay in the country without legal documents since it gave those who do not have the documents to come out of the shadow and get their American citizenship.

Various other important legal departments have also been affected by the new immigration bill reform. The Bill reform gave the judicial systems more power to effectively implement some of the policies which require their attention. For instance, the judiciary since then has strengthened their legal actions such as protecting human rights and ensuring that everyone enjoys his/her freedom. The judiciary, through the protection of children Act has ensured that children who are lost are returned to their families safely. This has to follow some legal processes which are guided by the judiciary. In addition, the judiciary has managed to speed up legal prosecution processes. This has assisted to keep the U.S borders safe and secure. For instance, the implementation of the Asylum Reform and Border Act which has reduced illegal immigrant cases across the border. On the other hand, other organizations such as the policy making body has also influenced the reform. For instance, the congress has enhanced the law enforcement processes in ensuring that only genuine people are allowed to exploit opportunities in the United States. Through the H-1B program, the congress and other administrative agencies have created an effective business platform where employers are given opportunities to exploit cheap labour through the H-1B program.

In conclusion, this paper has examined the various reasons why United States requires reform Bill policy in the immigration department. In addition, the paper has also examine the impacts and how the immigration reform Bills have changed the immigration system and solved its challenges. However, to make the country stable and peaceful the work is not for the president or the law enforcement agencies alone. Everyone is required to cooperate to make the process and these policies effective.


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