Free Essay Sample: What's a Business For?

Published: 2023-02-13
Free Essay Sample: What's a Business For?
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The article What's a Business For? By Charles Handy answers the question if the capitalists would cause the fall of capitalism because of the accounting scandals that were piling up in the companies of the United States (Handy, 2019). A writer from the New York Times answered this question by saying that a whole orchard cannot be contaminated by a few bad apples. This meant that not every company in the U.S has accounting scandals and therefore not every company would be affected by the scandals.

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Handy said that since not everybody is complacent, a market depends on laws and rules, while the rules and law rely on trust and truth (Handy, 2019). If there is no trust and truth in these rules and laws, there will befall of the markets and the prices will be ruined, as the clients look for places to keep their money. There will be the erosion of the benefit of capitalism which offers the community with methods of saving money which used in creating wealth. This means that ordinary people now will have to depend on the government to create wealth.

In life, trust is a fragile thing and once it is broken, it can never be the same thin again just like a Chinese piece. In the current world, the trust of people in business is tearing apart and also the trust of those who are leading the business. Many business managers do not lead a company for the benefits of the customers, but they run the business for their financial gain and personal desires. When a poll Gallup was conducted, it showed that around 90 percent of the Americans do not trust the people who are managing corporations and they think that they run those businesses for their gains and not the benefits of the employees (Handy, 2019). 18 percent of other Americans said that corporations are concerned with their shareholders. Another 45 % believed that most of those senior executives were in business just to satisfy their desires (Handy, 2019).

Americans are wondering what has gone wrong and they are accusing the people at the top, for example, those who run the corporations. The managers have been accused of personal greed, indifference to the ideas of the public, insensitivity and insufficient scrutiny of corporate affairs. According to Handy, he says that the business of the whole country might have been distorted because of the American disease which fudged the odd billion (Handy, 2019). Not only did he disease revitalized the entrepreneurial spirit, but also led to erosion of devotion, the downfall in the civic community, and neglect of the money that is paid to the nonbusiness segments of transport, education, and health. Handy says that the business terms have changed because investment has been replaced by ownership, the assets of a company are not its machinery and buildings but in its people (Handy, 2019). Due to these assumptions, people need to rethink the need for business.

In the economy facts, sustainability should extend to the environmental level and not only to humans. Many people fall into stresses because of long-hours culture because they are trying to balance work and the other side of their life. Business cannot be generous to everybody, but having good progress doesn't mean that you are making a reasonable profit. The democratic pressures might force the government to fetter establishments, and thus restraining their independence and controlling the fewest details of their procedures.


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