Free Essay Containing the Reference Letter for Chevening Award

Published: 2020-04-13
Free Essay Containing the Reference Letter for Chevening Award
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I am writing this letter to recommend (insert applicant's name) for Chevening Award Scholarship. I was (insert her or his) Assistant Professor of molecular biology and have known (insert her or him) for the last four years and been mentoring (insert her or his) education. He or she has always contacted me every time whenever she or he needs any assistance.

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During the period as a student, (insert candidate's name) showed a love of education and the extent of commitment essential to prosper in university and beyond. As a professor, I am glad to be capable to offer this reference for such an eligible person. I have pronounced admiration for (insert her or him) and rightly trust that (insert she or he) is a commendable applicant that you shall be honored to have representing your (insert school).

(Insert him or her) is a cautious and innovative thinker that has an eye for specifics and a consecration to logic, which helps (insert her or him) well both in the biology and others. (Insert her or him) has the tremendous ability to pull on her own observations and experience to develop considerate thoughts on a range of issues. (Insert her or him) constant contributions to class discussions gave insight for me as a mentor as well as her or her peers. Besides having immediate awareness of (insert candidates name) academic promise, I am also aware of (his or her) educational objectives, and the encounters (insert he or she) will get in terms of funding university tuition. I do not think of someone more deserving and I unequivocally recommend the application.

I feel convinced that you shall be impressed with (insert applicant's name) just as I am. As an instructor who is dedicated to assisting commendable students prosper, I powerfully encourage you to cogitate (insert him or her) for the Chevening Award and I am glad to amplify on any other details if you request.


(Your name)

Assistant Professor of Molecular Biology

Professional Reference

British High Commission

Street Address

City, State Zip

9th Sept 2015

Dear (Mr. /Ms. /Miss/Mrs. Dr.)

RE: Reference letter for Chevening Award

It is my great pleasure to write this letter to show my support for (insert applicant's name) in (his or her) application for the Chevening Award. I have worked with (insert candidate's name) at CDC for the last three years on a regular basis up to now that he is applying for the scholarship opportunity.

In my opinion, (insert applicant's name) has an array of strengths to deliver to an organization. She or he showed wonderful organizational skills, continuously handing in her or his well-written research report timely. Her or his aptitude to successfully lead was presented every time she or he volunteered to be team leader of a research personnel and she or he was capable to resolve any glitches faced effectively and quickly while also listening to other people. She or he is a responsive person who is motivated and bright and often enthusiastic to develop and learn.

In conclusion, I highly recommend (insert applicant's name) for the Chevening Award. If her or his performance at CDC is a sign of how she would perform when given the scholarship, I believe she or he is best suitable for the Chevening Award. If you require any additional information, please feel free to contact me.


(Your name)

Director of Research

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