Essay Example on How People Incorporate Organic Foods Into Their Diet

Published: 2022-12-12
Essay Example on How People Incorporate Organic Foods Into Their Diet
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The organic food processing does not involve the use of several chemicals and also avoids the use of chemical fertilizer and chemical pesticides and due to this, they tend to be healthier as compared to the non-organic food. The research carried out, however, indicates that the organic bananas were tastier as compare to the organic bananas due to the use of several food additives and chemical that improves the taste of the food (Gao, Z, & Schroeder, 2009). Glozah, Oppong Asante, & Kugbey (2018) however, reported that the non-organic banana was considered to be less healthy in relation to the organic bananas that is natural and does not contain a kind of chemicals that might interfere with the human health.

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Research Aims, Research Method and Findings

The aim of the study was to determine if taste influence the preference for organic banana over non-organic banana. The researchers hypothesized that non-organic banana was preferred because of the distinct taste that can be modified in the seed stage of development through generate engineering. The researcher surveyed sample of 30 undergraduate students who participated in the study and undergraduate students had to eat bananas labeled organic and non-organic as they fill out a survey, ranking which one taste better if it was organic or non-organic one. The bananas used in the experiment are non-organic. Even though the students noted that non-organic bananas tasted better, they were not preferable in term of nutrition and health. People develop deliberate plans to stay healthy and enjoy a sustainable balanced life.

Generally, most of the consumers love and highly emphasize organic food because of its quality such as taste and the freshness of organic food. Apart from the excellence attributes that can rule on through experience, wellbeing and process associated value is a question of reliable information (Birch, 1980). Chen (2007) argued that the health remunerations of organic diet are required to be interconnected through a way that most of the consumers regard as credible. For example, social and behavioral sciences concentration was carried out on green vegetables from organic and conformist food (Gould, Zandstra, &, Yeomans, 2011). It was thus suggested that extreme fertilization to the conformist vegetables has motivated rapid growth that upturns the crop yield by accumulative the water content. This kind of data should be more applicable reported and associated with a fresh weight foundation to avoid confusion information and misunderstanding to the consumers (Ditlevsen, Sandoe, & Lassen, 2019, First, et al, 1996; Gould, Zandstra, & Yeomans, 2011).


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