Essay Sample: Should World War II Be Remembered in American History as the "Good War"?

Published: 2022-09-28
Essay Sample: Should World War II Be Remembered in American History as the "Good War"?
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The second World War has been referred to as the "The Good War" which is ironic considering that it is one of the bloodiest wars in human history as it resulted to about 15,000,000 battles deaths, 25,000,000 battle wounded, and 45,000,000 civilian death (Preston Taylor 1). Further, more it led to the economic meltdown of some nations such as Japan, Germany, France, England, Russia, and France among other countries that were involved in the war. The Second world wars wan not only the most significant military conflict ever in human history but also for Americans. It was the most important war of the twentieth century as it brought about permanent and profound governmental, cultural, and social changes in the United States and consequently impacted on how the American people regarded their country and themselves in the world.

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Primarily, the global clash with the U.S and the other allies on one side, and Imperial Japan, Nazi Germany, and other Axis members, on the other hand, is mainly portrayed in the United States a morally good war with an apparent cut conflict between the Good and the Evil. The Americans think of the World War II as a good war because they were victors, their towns were not occupied, the civilians were not starved or slaughtered, their cities were not occupied. Furthermore, there near a million wounded and killed in the war American soldiers might have been the heaviest in the nation's history but it was lighter than the other major combatants in the conflict.

The second world war had been marked as a criticizing moment in American history, where the need to understand the real intruding allies that collaborated with the Japanese to attack the United States. With great oppression, over, 2000 civilian Japanese born in American soil found themselves between a hard place and a rock, when the crackdown from the federal bureau of investigation, launched its crackdown. Although the American constitution explicitly gives the rights of protection without any segregation to its citizens, the crackdown in the nation saw a great intermixed, results, as it was termed as an act of oppression to human rights targeting the minority, which in this case was the Japanese born in the United States. Worse off, those whose parents had moved in and settled in America such as Korematsu a citizen of California by resident, were not spared, his acts of not collaborating with the federal government to help in national security made him be convicted on September 1942 by the court (Kawamoto 2).

The American nation had been awoken by surprise in what seemed to be a normal routine of the air force troop swapped through the air of Pearl Harbor, descended their forces on the innocent American civilians killing thousands of the American. The step concluded by the Congress through the commander in chief his excellency elected president of the United States of America Franklin D. Roosevelt, marked the beginning of changes in the nation.

The Japanese cowardice act on December 7, 1941, ushered in the endless attacks from the United States. The attack capture most of the American soldiers, who became slaves of the Japanese military (Jackson 2). The war brought the divided nation together to ensure that the common problem facing the nation was settled once and for all. The vote for the Congress to incorporate the blacks to the military gave the Americans a new wake (Roosevelt 1). The blacks were integrated into the defense force, strengthening the unity in the nation.


In the bottom line, the second world war will remain in the memories of many Americans as a good war, especially to those who survived the horror moments as the captives. On the other hand, the battle marked the beginning of incorporating the minorities to serve in the government office protecting the interests of the nation.

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