Webliography Paper Example on Women's Rights

Published: 2022-12-26
Webliography Paper Example on Women's Rights
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This website is significant for this study of the roles of women in history since it evaluates the history of American women who struggled for their rights, fought hard for equality and made a significant impact in fields such as politics and science among other things. The web evaluates the first ever women's convention that occurred in Seneca Falls in New York in 1848 that was meant to steer their rights. This convention is historical since it was the first place where the campaign for women's rights started. This web also evaluates the Wyoming territory where women were granted the rights to cast their votes. The web also talks of the initial birth control clinic that was opened in the U.S. in 1916. This web is wealthier in the acquisition of information concerning the roles of women in history and the accomplishments that have been met by the historical women.

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This website shows that women can be just as successful as men are. It evaluates different historical women and their individual accomplishment in history. The web has selected women in history and the contribution they have had in the history of the world. The website, however, discriminated actresses, musicians, models among others. Some of the evaluated women on this website are Billie Jean, Catherine, Peron, Mahalia, Mother Theresa, Queen Ann, Queen Elizabeth, and Queen Victoria. The web has tried to evaluate some of the famous quotes used by such women. The web gives the profile of the women and the part of history they have written. This is a very vital website in search of roles of women in the history of the world.


This web evaluates the great women who have changed the best part of history. These women are known to have changed laws, broken gender barriers and made new scientific innovations. Some of the women evaluated in this web are Florence Howe, Annie Londonderry, Rachel Carson among others. Howe was among the women who fought for civil rights and counter battle associations during the '60s. She is a renowned feminist who established the Feminist Press that was meant to advance women's life and amplify the voices of these women. Other women on this website campaigned for environmental conservation and other issues related to mankind. This web is important for this research since it is well equipped with how women have changed the society in various ways. This web also evaluates the very important women in history and how they change the perception of other women to people.


This web evaluates the most inspiring women of history this year from the BBC History Magazine poll. In this website, experts in 10 various fields were asked to nominate 10 women they believe that they have had a great impact on the history of the world. In this website, the women are presented with the works they did in the world. Most women have had great influence in the world and most of the time people remain to debate that has had an important impact and played bigger roles in history than others. Some of the women evaluated in this web are Marie Curie who established the radioactivity science which later has made strides in the treatment of cancer. This treatment has been very vital in helping cancer patients to manage their conditions. Other women discussed are Emmeline who established Women's Social and Political Union which campaigns for women in the parliamentary vote for females. Other women evaluated have had great impacts on education, innovations, and politics. I find this website very important in the study of the roles of women in history. In fact, this web is great since it evaluates a good number of women in the world who have left footprints in the history books.


This web is important in this academic research since it evaluates various aspects in the history of women empowerment. It evaluates how various women have supported their families to grow. This web also discusses the contribution of women to their independence either privately or publicly. Majorly, this web evaluates women's works, families and households and other facets that are tied to this. It gives evidence of women's works and the burdens they are tied to. This web is very important in this study since it evaluates various contributions of women. Women's achievements have been evaluated here based on the time these achievements took place. I find this web important since it gives the exact time different happenings occurred.

The websites that have been evaluated in this webliography have seen as the best to conduct this research. Most of them evaluate how different women have changed the course of history. The websites try to highlight the different women and their contribution to the history world. These websites have wealthier information that can be evaluated and are very diverse.


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