American Experience | The Mine Wars, Free Essay with a Documentary Analysis

Published: 2018-04-25
American Experience | The Mine Wars, Free Essay with a Documentary Analysis
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Mine Wars

The movie talks about the history of the mine wars that took place in southwest Virginia in the past between the miners and the police officers. Through the film, the producer tries to bring out that comparison between the miners in the past and those at present and get the opportunity to make a comparison and the changes in technology. Mine wars were considered civil wars that took place in the first two decades of the 20th century.

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The miners in this documentary are in black and, white, and the workplace in the mines are filled with a lot of dust. The present, however, is evident and colored and the miners differ in that regard. Based on color alone and the machines in the mining of coal it is evident the technological advancements that have taken place in this over this number of years. Wars usually are caused by something, and in this instance, the miners were being prevented from creating unions as this was deemed that it would strengthen them. The miners thus retaliated by fighting hence the civil war that makes this history a significant part of the American experience. At present, however, coal is owned by the government and other private organization that controls this mines hence the possibility of miners fighting is possible but minimized.

The mine wars are an interesting story about a legendary union organizer a mine owner and a pair of sheriffs who matched against the state due to the many ruthlessness showed to them by the state. This historical documentary paints the picture of the dangers that miners go to extract these minerals and the oppression they get by the oppression by the proprietors of this coalmines. Miners in this period had lost control of their personal lives due to lack of freedom the nature of this kind of mines during this time which were extremely dangerous.

American History Knowledge

The documentary is an excellent piece of work that brings out effectively the struggles of the miners who worked in the mines in Virginia and the entrepreneurs who owned the mines. The miner's lack of freedom certainly pushed them into learning the importance of knowledge and the influence a union could have over the rogue employers who were keen on taking what they have from the people. The owners of this particular mines character well present in the manner in which they are hard on miners and could not let anything prevent them from controlling the workers.

Furthermore, this film can bring out well the differences in how mining was done in the past and how it is done in the present day. Contrast here helps create a picture of how the situation was and the reason why miners went against the state. The organizations of unions came in as a critical necessity in the labor force majorly because of the conditions of work something the owners do not care. The civil though not satisfied showed that the miners who were mistreated had achieved some sense of class and they were ready to fight against unfair practices. The film is historical and the knowledge it brings on American history gives a boost to labor struggle that has been part of the US citizens fight against social and political injustices that deprive them of their sweat and freedom.

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