Essay Sample on Visual Campaign to Deliver a Global Message

Published: 2023-03-18
Essay Sample on Visual Campaign to Deliver a Global Message
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Racial discrimination has continued to be pervasive in many cultures across the globe. In numerous organizations, leaders have sought to evaluate the level of racial discrimination, especially in the United States-based organization and how they impact on the labor market. It has been argued that the workplaces have noted numerous challenges regarding the white and black identities, that affect the interviews and how people are attracted. While entities have disputed such allegations, it is evident that racism is still a challenge in the community that needs to be dealt with for the good of the organization. In response to the disparities noted regarding the racial discrimination in the US workplaces, there is a need to educate the employees in this organization regarding the need to have equality on all races (Jameel & Yerardi, 2019). While policies regarding racial equality are prevalent in the US workplaces, there is always a need to ensure that the employees and other organizational stakeholders play a role in the formulation of policy. Therefore, this discussion seeks to present the promotional ideas and documents that will be used by the organization in keeping the stakeholders informed about the position of the entity regarding racism.

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Ideas for Promotional Documents

There is considerable racial inequality as well as discrimination that is still pervasive in the US labor market. It has been established that when compared to the white individuals in the country, the black individuals are twice as likely to be unemployed. Besides, it has been noted that when black people are employed in the United States, they are likely to get about 25% less than their white counterparts (Bertrand & Mullainathan, 2002). Therefore, the presentation will make use of brochures and leaflets to communicate the message regarding the anti-racism position in the entity. A brochure is a common marketing tool that is used in the advertisement for the product or service. The brochure will consist of various images, photos, and graphics with descriptions that seek to communicate the menace of racial discrimination in the workplace.

The presentation will also entail a leaflet or a flyer that will have anti-racism messages embedded into it. It should be noted that a flyer is a small handbill that is used in advertising or in communicating a particular message that is intended for a specific audience (Shelly, Quasney, & Vermaat, 2008). In both the flyer and the brochure, it is crucial to structure the information depending on the target message. It should be noted that the target audience will consist of both the viewers in the United States and others in other parts of the world. It should be noted that the United States has a diverse culture which entails arguably all the races in the world as citizens. However, when designing the message for other parts of the world, it is necessary to be articulate as the message will be received in different cultures who have a different perception of the issue of racism. Besides, some diagrams and images can have a positive image in the US culture but be irritative in a different culture. Therefore, there is a need to choose communication appeals that are positive in all cultures across the globe, regarding the choice of colors, balance, lines, and other symbols used.

Images for Websites

There has been a paradox in the working places in the United States regarding the issue of racial prejudice. For the organization to benefit fully from the workforce, there is a need to ensure diversity in the workplace regarding multi-culture and countervailing force of racism that mostly undermines the responsibility of the organization. Therefore, an organization must be transparent regarding conveying its position on the racism in its entity. One of the most appropriate ways is to use images that are communicative in their website (Geest, 2001). The photos below will be used on the site to show the effort and the position of the organization regarding racism. However, the two images have a different target audience by the company. The first image below will be targeting the US audience. It should be noted that the US is a diverse society that has numerous races. To achieve the much-needed unity in the country, there is a need to show unity among all cultures in the country. Therefore, the image will be a force to reckon in the country that seeks to trigger a sense of commitment and unity among the members of society.

The second image below will be used in the global audience. It can be noted that the hands are joined that have different colors, thereby representing different races. Therefore, every person across the globe will feel represented in the togetherness message. This will trigger a dedication to view each other as a brother and a sister with the racial differences being a diversity to be proud of. In this regard, the message was noted to be useful for the website from a global perspective.


It took over a century since the United States got independence to have a black president. However, the election of Barack Obama as the United States president did little to change the narrative of racism and discrimination against the blacks in the country. It has been established that blacks are treated quite unfairly across the different realms of life, including dealing with the police, applying for loans, accessing social amenities, and in the job places. Therefore, considering that racial inequality has remained an elusive issue in the country, the logo below will be used to demonstrate a unique racial presentation, where the blacks and the whites should unite. Although discrimination takes place between different races, the most prominent racial divide in the States is between the whites and the blacks. Therefore, the logo will be a good representative of the gap and the unity much-needed.

The second logo is a representation of the problem of racial discrimination across the globe. All people across the world need to be emphasized to stop the elements of discrimination against other races. In this regard, the two logos can be used in both small and large entities, as the issue of racial discrimination cuts across small and the large entities

While the United States, as well as other countries in Asia and Europe, have devised responses at the national level to stop racism, it has remained a challenge. It has been demonstrated that over 88% of the blacks in the US feel that the country should continue making the needed changes to support an end to racism (Jameel & Yerardi, 2019). When it comes to practical as well as viable solutions that are long-term regarding discrimination, social media posts can play a crucial role in communicating. Therefore, the two posts above will be used for the US and Chinese audiences. The first is a placard held by a white man to stop racism. Such a campaign resonates well with the US society considering that whites are the ones mostly accused of racism. In the second post, the Chinese are holding a demonstration campaign against racism. Therefore, it will act as a mobilization to the other Chinese that they need to unite and support race unity.

Instructional Document

Digital imaging techniques have provided scientists with new opportunities that facilitate acquiring and manipulating data. Such people use the methods that were difficult or even impossible to employ in the past. However, using of images in different ways for digital presentation has demonstrated concerns regarding the ethical issues. Therefore, the use of images has created numerous credibility problems, as it is marred by altering of images, which can change the meaning that was intended by the creator (Cromey, 2014). Therefore, there is a need for the company to consider the ethical concerns when using digital images. Accordingly, when using the photos for reinforcement of the message that is intended, the company can cite the source where the images were obtained. Besides, the company can also come up with the original images that they do not require to acknowledge the source. Although simple adjustments to the entire image are mostly acceptable, changing some aspects can completely change the intended message as shown below.

Therefore, reasonable adjustments can be made by the company to suit the presentation, but such modifications should be acknowledged. The simple adjustments could be improving the contrast depending on the grade of the paper or cropping the image to fit the required square. In the case of digital images that are compared to each other, they can be acquired under identical conditions so that the post-acquisition processing of the image can be identical. This will facilitate the professional presentation of actual information that eliminates the possibilities of bias.


Racial discrimination in different workplaces across the globe has remained to be a significant problem. Institutional racism is prevalent in different places of the world, including the United States, which has affected the progress and success of the organizations despite the efforts made. While the government has taken measures and initiatives that are geared towards ensuring equality, organizations both governmental and private have witnessed severe cases of racial segregation, mainly to the minority races. Therefore, there is a need for the organization to develop a communication strategy that seeks to show how the company creates an environment of equality in the workplace. The vulnerability of the workers, especially the minorities, should be protected and clearly articulated and communicated by the company using different methods of communication such as social media posts, posters, flyers, brochures, and websites, among others.


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