Free Essay with News Analysis

Published: 2022-04-15
Free Essay with News Analysis
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Internationally - The Syrian Crisis

The crisis in Syria began in 2011, as a peaceful protest advocating for fifteen students who had been arrested for writing anti-government graffiti on the wall. The peaceful protest quickly escalated into a civil war that has lasted seven years. The story has been widely covered over the seven years, and reports are readily available in recognized and credible news outlets such as BBC News and CNN News. The story is big because more than 350,000 people have died from the conflict while 1.5million people have been left with permanent disabilities (BBC News, 2018). Furthermore, approximately, 6.1 million Syrians have been internally displaced while another 5.6 million Syrian citizens have fled to other countries. The events the story highlights has attracted the attention it has drawn from many powerful nations like the United States of America, Britain, and Russia among others.

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National-Staged Student-inspired Gun Safety March

Students across the United States of America gathered at Washington for a street march and rally advocating for gun safety in the country. Survivors of the Florida school shooting organized the student-inspired campaign (Weber, 2018). The march quickly attracted support even from Hollywood stars such as George and Amal Clooney, John Legend, and Oprah Winfrey. The story has been widely covered by news outlets such as Fox News, New York Times, and the Guardian. It is a big story because it is surrounded by controversy of the remarks made by President Donald Trump, advocating for possession of firearms in school.

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State - Fertility Clinic Rules out Inappropriate Access to Tank Area

The Ohio fertility clinic has denied that a possible hack could have caused the damage of 2000 frozen eggs and embryos (Fox News, 2018). The story is big because it affects millions of people living in Ohio who would have required the clinic services in the attempt of child conception. It also highlights negligence in the management team of Ohio fertility clinic. The story is published on Fox news and relates to a similar occurrence that happened in San Francisco.

Local - Teacher Charged with 30 Counts of Child Molestation in Harrison County.

A third-grade teacher was arrested for allegedly having a relationship with his student twelve years ago at the New Middletown Elementary School in Harrison County (Krause, 2018). The story is big because after one victim came forward with the story, 36 more victims pressed charges. The story is big because of its sensitivity and questions the safety of children under the care of their teachers. The information on the story is also widely available in various news outlets.

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