Paper Example. Virtual Justice Agencies Proposal Failures

Published: 2023-09-27
Paper Example. Virtual Justice Agencies Proposal Failures
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The criminal justice system is one which comprises various departments and agencies. All the agencies work towards the common goal of ensuring justice for all citizens as well as ensuring proper punishment is delivered to the guilty. Virtual criminal justice agencies are one of such departments tasked with dealing with different criminal organizations. Among the groups include the Very Bad Bike Club, whose activities have negative consequences for society. Various measures have been proposed in dealing with the VBBC members, among them being inter-agency communication, development of laws as well as policies, and increased personnel in the streets. The failure to adopt the measures has consequences that will derail the achievement of the criminal justice system's objectives. An increase in crime rates and a lack of information dissemination represent the impacts of not effectively implementing the proposed measures.

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One of the solutions presented is multi-agency communication between the virtual criminal justice agencies. Multi-agency communication is vital as it ensures there is partial as well as full disclosure of information (Canton, n.d.). The disclosure of information between different criminal justice agencies increases the efficiency in the attainment of objectives of such departments. The failure to implement inter-agency communication creates some disconnect between the various departments (Canton, n.d.). Such disconnect makes the agencies not to achieve the goals and objectives they set. Each of the virtual agency in the criminal justice system needs to portray an image that they are working towards achieving the same objectives. The lack of inter-agency communication makes them unable to relay a common goal.

Another measure proposed to assist the virtual police station is to increase security in the streets. Having more police presence will be key to ensuring there is a low crime rate in communities (Lind & Lopez, 2016). The lack of implementing such a measure can have adverse effects in various ways. One of the impacts is the response time to the crime in such areas. Quick response time to crime is one of the indicators of a criminal justice system that is effective in delivering its mandate (Lind & Lopez, 2016). Besides having a slower response time, there is also the increasing crime rates. In some communities where law enforcement is not present on the streets will experience a rise in the crime rates portraying a negative image to the criminal justice system.

The last solution presented by the group for adoption includes designing laws as well as policies in dealing with the Very Bad Bike Club members. Legal procedures and policies will be vital in ensuring that there is an acceptable framework with which the virtual police department can operate. Such laws and policies will also give the virtual police station the authority required to deal with the VBBC. The policies also define the scope of the virtual criminal justice agencies and, in some instances, give them additional power to operate. Not having the laws and policies will be to the advantage of the VBBC. If the laws and policies are not implemented, the VBBC will continue with their operations and criminal activities. The establishment of such laws will be critical in the future in case similar criminal organizations will exist.

In summary, the virtual criminal justice agencies proposed measures aimed to deal with the criminal activities of the VBBC. The proposals are deemed useful in ensuring the group does little to spread its influence to society. Not adopting the proposals can lead to the rise in criminal activities as well as the lack of cooperation. The measure should be taken into consideration to ensure the achievement of the virtual justice agencies' objectives.


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