Essay Example on Social Process Principles and Development

Published: 2019-01-23
Essay Example on Social Process Principles and Development
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Community socialization and development

Criminologists are a critical part of the process of community socialization and development. The social process and development theories and concepts all contribute to the creation of the public policies that are used to govern the organizations that help the society. The social structure theory specifically deals with the values and conventional rewards for the American people. Capitalist thinking is attributed to the principal causes of crime in the society due to its effect of stratification of the people. The people are thought to have a learning process towards crime and the theories, therefore, state that if something is learned, it can also be unlearnt.

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According to Hall, people with adverse family relationships are prone to commit crimes. Criminality is intertwined with family and social interaction of a person as they achieve their social development (2012).Social process theory has three main categories namely; the social learning theory which majorly speaks about how crimes are determined activity. The social reaction or the labeling theory expresses that when people are given a particular tag in this case criminals, they have a tendency to become illegal. The situation happens mostly in association with stereotypes. The social control theory which explains that a society that does not have systems that teach the people better survival tactics are at higher risk of having criminals among them. It is the responsibility of the community to make rules and regulations that hold them together and give better examples to their young ones from an early age (Siegel, 2000).

Theoretic criminology unlike social criminology describes the crime as a learned habit and therefore provides different approaches which are sociologic, biologic, and psychological. The theories are set to help the justice system deal with criminal bearing in mind the various factors that have been studied to be contributing factors. Developmental theory therefore entails the programs that are set up in the society to ensure that the young people are in a system that helps them stay away from crimes. The programs are aimed at controlling the personal and social traits that the children have acquired that put them at risk of becoming criminals.

Social development

Social development originates from social interaction, and the way children are brought up has a significant impact on the people they become. The people they associate with are important in shaping their future. Development concepts are aimed at multi-organizational operations that help children who are vulnerable to crimes. To prevent them from being lured and to rehabilitate those who are already in the vice. An understanding of the different theories is significant in ensuring that the various groups work together to make the needed adjustments in the system for the sake of them children (Simon, 2015).

Social development demand is that there is a process of decentralization of the services as well as decision making processes to nearest the people as possible. Participation of the involved is critical since they are the ones that know their issues in depth. The theories seek to eradicate cultural problems that are associated with the criminal activities of the group. Equitable distribution of resources helps people become self-reliant and alleviate the need to commit crimes. They also need socio-economic growth provides the people with the opportunities that enable growth and development of their businesses and promote wealth creation. Finally, the eradication of poverty which is attributed to the increase in criminal activities of different groups in the society and eventually the children are lured for lack of options to survive.

The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention are responsible for the creation of such organizations that are keen on different vulnerable people and help them through their different situations to have better lives. Some of the programs under the umbrella include;

Disproportionate minority contact and National Gang Center

The program set up to encourage peers from minority groups to get a network platform. So as to reduce the number of children in the category of getting contact with the juvenile system. They also get access to information on the legal provisions that they have in their area in case they are arrested. The social reaction theory is significant for these groups of people for most of the criminals are associated with the minority groups. Most of them do not get the resources that they require to attain their social development and therefore, they end up in crime. It is important to use the program to bridge the gap of equality which then translates to the reduction in crime rates in the country that is linked to the stereotypical category.

This program was initially funded by the Bureau of Justice but merged with the National Youth Gang Center to create one organization that caters to all gang members despite their ages. The merger made it easier for the researchers, practitioners as well as the people of the community to get any information that they require from the centers. Training and technical assistance are provided for in the whole country which is in line with the concepts of the social process. A community that has been taught on how to eradicate gangs from the streets is in a position to manage their people than one that has not. It is important to make the society aware of the vices among their people so that they can create ideas on how to contribute to making their lives more habitable and eradicate crimes.

Juvenile Drug Courts/ Reclaiming Futures Program

Youth involved in drugs and delinquency have been catered for in this organization which gives access to early intervention of vulnerable people, treatment to those that have already become addicted to substance use as well as structure to the youth. Several other groups including the Department of Health and Human Services Center for Substance Abuse Treatment are on board to ensure that this vulnerable group gets the care that is sufficient for their condition. The main agenda for the program is to include the court system from the national level all the way to the local courts as well as the Indian tribal government injustice provision for youth involved in the use of drugs. Reaction theory of social process is well catered for in this program as the people can come together and remove the stereotype by including the Indian government.

Technologic advancement has predisposed people to the predators that hide behind the possibility of hiding who they are. The program was established to protect children from sexual criminals by the provision of forensic investigation to capture any culprits, training and technical help are provide to further the concept of social development and the children also get victim services in a situation where they are assaulted. Community education is significant in training the community social control which is one of the social processes. The success of the program is brought by the ability of the society to protect the young ones. Funding has also been significant in the ensuring that the services are well provided.

Social development is based on concepts of learning. Social interaction is the most critical aspect of how people gain their development. Youth mentorship programs are significant in helping the child become useful in the society. Mentoring helps the people become more confident which also contributes to academic excellence. Well, educated youths are more focused in life. They make better life choices; they relate well with their peers, they do not use drugs. The program is successful because the communities have mentors ranging from the naturally occurring those who are members of the society. Centers that have been set up also train the youth on life with adequate funding the program has been longstanding.

Social development is, therefore, the process that leads to social change. The success of the community and how the people adapt is determined by the availability of capital, infrastructure, and finances. Also social, processes affect the policies that are set by any country to ensure that the people are well socialized. The theories help to promote proper behavior and prevent different habits, to strengthen the bond between the communities and create a positive transition from school to family. Criminals and offenders also deserve to be reoriented into the community with functional systems.


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