V for Vendetta - Movie Review Essay Example

Published: 2017-10-23
V for Vendetta - Movie Review Essay Example
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Political films provide good pictures on what happens in the real-life political arena. They allow people to relate to their political leaders and understand their political ambitions and manifestos. One of the best political movies of all time is V for Vendetta. The film was produced in 2006 James Mc Teigue and The Wachowski Brothers. It is mainly based on the comic series, same time, 1988, by David Lloyd and Alan Moore.

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Movie Annotation

The film begins in the year 2020. A deadly virus attacks the world, and many Americans are killed while Britain is governed by a dictator who assures people of security but denies them freedom. On man, V stands against the ruler. He can move through London as a wraith though he faces strong opposition from the police. V has a mask that shows the face of Guy Fawkes. In 1605, Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the parliament. On the eve of the year 2020, V rescues Evey, a young TV reporter from being sexually assaulted by the police. He later faces her to join him in his quest for freedom. They spend one of their nights blowing up the Old Bailer courtrooms.

V is s very mysterious and shadowy person. In most cases, he appears from nowhere. He uses a lot of riddles, rhymes and literary quotations in his speech. He is also a skilled martial artist. Previously, he had been detained in Lark Hill Resettlement Camp, and he uses the war to avenge his experience at the camp. The movie says no reason why he was held, but it is evident that he was mistreated at the camp. After his successful escape, he goes on a mission to ensure that no one passes through the same experience as he did. He burns up government houses to convince people to join his crusade.

The movie goes on for twelve months until one night when he promised to hit on the dictatorship. The police who were able to hold and humiliate the citizens are very helpless in the hands of one single man. The government even tries to deny knowledge of his existence and deeds, but V goes to the national TV and takes responsibilities of all his acts.

He educates Evey on everything he knows and hopes to pass the war to her once he is gone. At first, Evey does not quite understand what V tells her, but at the end, it all comes to her. Evey also considers V very mysterious. V, therefore, imprisons and tortures her as a way of showing her how to live to stay free from distress and injustices. He never revealed his identity to her. His plan is successful at the end. Evey can overcome her obstacles to freedom. After V dies, she takes over from him.

Analysis of V for Vendetta

The film is very useful and has a close link with the course. It helps its viewers understands some of the major historical events in the world of politics. It brings out the plight of the people in the hands of a few individual.

For instance, for an extended period in the world, the dictatorship was the primary method of governance. People with personal interest rose to power and after that mistreated the people. One chief dictator of the world is Hitler who ruled Germany (Fest 32). During his reign, many people were killed and tortured. Just like in the movie, the British are dictated by an individual who promises security but not freedom. Secondly, women oppression is also an important factor in the film. V rescues Evey just when she was about to be sexually assaulted by the police. Historically women were mistreated and taken as less human (Vogel 21). Next is education to empower women. V after rescuing Evey takes it as his responsibility to train and educate her so that no one can ever benefit from her again. He teaches her how to live free of fear. After his death, Evey continues with the war. Lastly, detaining and torture of person without cause is also an important factor. Divide and rule (Hurst 136) is one of the methods that dictators use to instill fear in the people so as to rule them. Detaining and torture is one tool that allows them to divide and rule the people. V was detained in Lark Hill Resettlement Camp, and his experience in there is quite disturbing.

The political lessons that can be learned from the film include the values of a strong leader. A strong leader has the sole responsibilty of doing what is expected of them regardless of the challenges. A strong leader must make it their initiative to liberate and protect the people they rule at all times. Although V was not a political leader, he comes out and risks his life just to protect the people. Also, in politics, violence can be of good cause. V uses violence to champion the people into fighting for their freedom. For instance, he blows up the Old Bailer courtrooms. Many people, like Evey soon join his quest for freedom and opposes the government. Even after V dies, she continues to fight.


In my opinion from the movie, people should never be scared of their governments rather the government should fear the people it rules. V was right in his freedom quests because it every country, people should be allowed to exist freely, free from fear and mistreatment by the individuals in power. The government and the people should be happy is their relation and existence. The police should be discouraged from torturing and detaining people without reason. Also, respect to all women should be encouraged since women are also part of the society and share the same human rights as the men.

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