Paper Example. Consumer Portrait

Published: 2023-03-27
Paper Example. Consumer Portrait
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People often prefer quality and affordable services in any business or transport system they interact with, which makes different airline organizations compete in delivering quality services. Many organizations value their customer feedback to see if they will always retain, attract, or repel customers. The depicted organizations also have different marketing strategies to try to convince customers why they should choose their services. The paper, therefore, is premised on a discussion regarding Walden Airline's customer portrait, description of prospect's preferences, and how a marketer would utilize the information and differentiation strategies while still casting a vast and potentially profitable consumer net.

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Walden Airlines Customer Portrait

The portrait depicts a customer who seems to be satisfied with the flight services. Although some data might not be included in the portrait, Walden Airlines has affordable and reliable services. For instance, the organization analyzes all transactional data to determine the trends and patterns among all customers by segment (Klick, 2011). Also, in most cases, it is always a burden to keep track of tickets, check the booking status, and the timing of the flight, especially when a customer is in a hurry. To simplify the procedure, Walden allows all passengers to check their Passenger Name Record (PNR) statuses in an easy and fast way. The PNR will always provide them will all data regarding the real-time status of their booking (Klick, 2011).

Utilization of Prospect Information

The passengers will always know whether their tickets have been confirmed or they are on the waiting list. They will also access all updates regarding the exact departure and arrival time of all the Walden flights. The PNR number is always located on the ticket, and if more than one ticket has been booked at similar periods, they must have the same PNR number which represents the bookings and not individual passengers (Brooks, 2013). All the depicted information is found on the organization's website ( with precise details and illustrations on the procedure to be followed.

The greatest benefit of the invented feature is that it negates one's requirement to carry their ticket. Moreover, with a regular four-class configuration, the plane can accommodate 544 passengers. The seats are comfortable and can favor any individual, whether sick, healthy, requires special attention, et cetera (Schmitt, Skiera, & Van den Bulte, 2011).

While onboard, passengers are always offered free snacks up to a maximum of five different snacks, which favors adults, children, the aged, the unwell, and those on diets, to mention but a few. Walden often refers to the services as after-sale services to try to retain their clients. Also, passengers are always issued with documents to provide their feedback regarding the services they received from the flight attendants to the general environment of the plane (Schmitt et al. 2011).

The customer service plan for Walden Airlines includes notifying customers on the lowest fares through their website, notification of flight diversions, cancellations, and delays, on-time delivery of baggage, allowing customers to cancel or keep their reservations for 24 hours, prompt ticket refunds, proper accommodation of passengers with special needs and disabilities, over sales, notification of itinerary changes, responsiveness to the complaints of customers, legal notice, mitigation of various inconveniences that might lead to flight diversions or cancellations, and disclosure of travel policies which might affect the journey of passengers (Cool & Paranikas, 2011).

Differentiation Strategies

My plans to tailor my marketing strategies while still casting a wide and potentially profitable customer net are limiting the information that might be requested. The action can be done by only requesting information needed and using it to execute different communications strategies. The customers will then be allowed to share only the information they are comfortable sharing by building trust with them (Brooks, 2013).

They will then be informed on how the generated data shall be used by allowing them to choose their preferred communication strategy. Periodic follow-ups shall then be sent to clients who have not completed their profile and once the required data has been retrieved, it can be utilized appropriately (Cool & Paranikas, 2011).


Competition is always a way of determining the success of a business. Many organizations use different marketing strategies to convince their target audience on why their services are the best. Walden Airlines believe that their services are of high quality and affordable, which gives them more reasons to attract more customers.


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