Analysis Essay Example on The Man Who Thought Himself a Woman

Published: 2023-01-04
Analysis Essay Example on The Man Who Thought Himself a Woman
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The tale of about the "The Man Who Thought Himself a Woman" talks about a guy called Japhet from the clan of Colborne's where her aunt thought that it will be liberated from quips, queries, oddities, quirks, and singularities. Finally, after Japhet committed suicide, he wrote a note and left it behind. The note started with a statement saying that " I think I am a woman," (Turner, Mark 384-386). The story about the man who thought himself a woman was written by Mark Twain but during his era he never printed it.

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Japhet thought himself as a woman because he was considered a very odd person in the community. All the male persons of the family of Colborne's were generally expressed as people who were lacking somewhere. For example, his great grandfather left his wife, home and grandchildren then he went in the thick wood to build a hut where he could live by himself. The women in this family were considered better than men because they defend their homes, they were harmless human beings, usually good with little eccentricities and delicate mental compositions. Japhet was the only male child of his daddy in a family of seven daughters who was following him and he was the most auspicious scion in their home.

The aunts of Japhet watched him closely and they always said that he does not resemble the lineage of Colborne's and he looks more of his mother Rasher than the father's side. The four original aunts of Japhet described as a good-looking boy and they always thought that there will be no stripes in him. The father of Japhet expected him to go to college but when he was at the age of fourteen, he said that he will not attend school anymore. Later Japhet bought knitting-needles and yarn so that he could learn how to knit. He disturbed his mother telling him that he wants to know how to knit, his mother gave up and she taught him how to knit (Russ, Joanna2018)After Japhet learned how to knit, he went to needlework and he started to make fancy table covers, seats for chairs and anything else that he could make and when he was asked why he was doing so, he said that he is preparing himself for upcoming housework chores. Japhet spent most of the time with her sisters, he used to help them when they were in predicament and he never teased them as other brothers did to their sisters. As Japhet became older, his love for indoor jobs and his knitting needles grew bigger. Japhet was not abashed of his handiwork but after his fieldwork, he used to go inside his room and cut fancy articles and sewing them like a mother who is making a dress for her baby daughter.

Japhet used to do house chores much better than how he used work in the fields and the county fair where his handiwork was shown, Japhet felt proud of it and people started to laugh at him. Most of the girls made sport on him mostly those who were his neighbors Nelly Gray and Nanny Halliday. As his nanny was defending him, Japhet was in the next room and when he came out with his new blue suit that had bright buttons the next morning, his sisters were surprised and asked him if he is not going to work. Japhet then told them that he is going to get married and this shocked her sisters even more. They asked him who is he going to get married to and he told them that he is going to get married to Teddy.

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