Free Essay on Transferrable Skills in Business

Published: 2019-09-13
Free Essay on Transferrable Skills in Business
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A lot of skills are required to business careers which include numeracy, negotiation, technical, team management, and ICT skills. Even though I have all these skills, I still have to develop them because they are vital in business, daily life, and equally in my future career.

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I would like to work in an international business where these skills are highly required especially the negotiating skill because I will be dealing in export of products. I also need to have this ability since I will be negotiating different aspects such as prices of commodities, payments of goods, schedules, and contracts. There are a lot of improvements that I have to make to develop the skill since it is very useful for in career as an export manager. The improvements that I have to make include; taking courses at Manchester University which will help me to negotiate in group activities where we find tasks and goals to work on and visiting different websites in which some negotiating techniques and tips which I can use to develop my negotiating skills exist. The tips are majorly focusing on the task and bettering negotiation.

Moreover, ICT skills are equally important in business. I am quite good in this skill since can use different machines such as computers and printers. I am also aware of different basics; for instance, Applications on the computer which are most useful in Microsoft word and pages. I also know how to use different software platforms which are quite important in business. However, this skill can still be improved since ICT technology keeps on developing at a faster rate. Mainly, I learned that I can only develop the ability through investing more time in using ICT equipment like computers. Notably, I am currently using while doing my assignments which I print in the laptop at the University. Mainly, I did research on some options which can potentially help me improve my ICT skills and got a course which I have to attend since it will assist me with the ICT skills like computer skills and digital skills. These courses provided by universities and organizations in Manchester are free since they are created by European Union agency of education and Manchester City Council. https://www.nidirect. your- computer- and- it- skills 22.04.16. Here exist another article which will also assist me in improving my ICT skills and knowledge, that is the usage of the services availed by the British Government and Manchester City Council. These services will help me to develop my theoretical and practical skills of ICT and computer usage.

Numeracy is another skill that I have but must be prepared because this will be very useful in my future study and employment. During the job, there are a lot of numeracy; for instance, usage of numbers and math in different aspects such as calculating discounts, opening stock and closing stock, prices, loss and profit accounts, and the amount of money used during the production. In order to achieve this skill and develop it, I learned that it was possible to do it in the next three years time during my studies at the University. First, this is an online course provided by the universities to students that need to improve their numeracy skills and here is the article: http: // www.Futurelearn. Com/courses/ numeracy skills 20. O4. 16. This article is made by the Loughborough University to help all learners and adults with their math and numeracy skills since it is useful for employability and working place. This is the right course for me because it is easy to get and use. I only need to do online registration on the university website after which I shall receive a confirmation that I will be able to attend online lectures and courses offered by the university. I only need to look for ways on how I can develop this skill during my free time in the university. Another method I found on how I can improve this skill is by doing or practicing more math in the university because there are a lot of modules based on economics and finance in this course.

Technical skill is another important skill that I have and must be developed because I will be working in a sphere of business where I will be dealing with the export of manufactured products. I need to have advanced technical skills so that I can be able to get better knowledge about the manufacturing process. This skill will also help me in the delegation of duties for the company and know how cosmetics are made in the factory. The only ways to develop this skill is by asking my father to allow me to work with the company for at least three months in order to get some work experience and secondly is by doing an internship in one of the companies such as Unilever, which work in the manufacturing of products and also deal in the mass market.

Time management is another important skill to that I will employ in my future career as the export manager and university while studying. Particularly, good time management allows one to fix all the activities within a set period to avoid jeopardy of the future tasks. Just like other skills, this skill will be incorporated into my plan. Using this article that has got comprehensive information about management, I will take notes in order to have a perfect understanding of the effectiveness of time management and how it will be of great significant as I continue with my studies and career next year.


In this activity, I plan to create a reflective task that focuses on the research work I did. Mainly, I conducted a primary and secondary research about my future career. As a result, I have acquired information about my future career; hence, I can plan effectively. Specifically, I have known the requirements to be an export manager in multinational companies such as Gamble, Unilever, and Procter. Using that research, I have identified evidence of my achievement. Notably, in the evaluation of my work progress, I plan to link all my achievements and explicitly explain my work experience to convince the authorities of my intended company of choice. Notably, after the career plan, I have done several activities that are very imperative for my future career. One of the greatest achievements I have is being a school prefect in QE. In regard to this, I got transferrable communication skills as well as confidence. Apart from that, in the last two summers, I had an opportunity to gain very useful work experience. I worked as assistant private label manager in my fathers company, Alliance of Beauty. Later, I became an assistant project manager in Kiev Company. These are paramount achievement since I have known what certain duties entails hence will be applied in my future career to get acquainted with work pressure and beating the deadlines. The last activity is the collection of evidence of progress and achievements in targets.

However, in doing this research, I experienced several difficulties that deterred the smooth progress of the assignment 2. First, it was tough making a comprehensive research in areas that I was not well conversant with; for instance, researching different companies in the various countries and their applicants. Notably, the companies that were researched include Unilever and Gamble. Also, I had to get a particular information from individuals in countries such as China and USA and their job requirement. Another difficulty experienced is the creation of the diary and entering all the achievements and predicaments that are likely to affect my future career. In this aspect, I had to enter information about certain facts of the international affairs such as those in Ukraine. This was quite difficult since I had to accomplish the task before April with a detailed diary that has got significant information, yet getting information was not an easy task.

Another important accomplishment that is worth talking about is the development that I have had in my career plan in a short and medium plan. Notably, there are developments that are likely to affect my plans. First, I wrote a good assignment that made me get good results. This is an indication that I will get good grades in future including joining a good University that will determine my future career. For the short term plans, I have registered in certain courses that will not take a long time such as international relation and business. These courses are imperative for my development since they will assist me to improve my language skills. Notably, effective English language is useful in the international relationship will enable me to get a good job with the international community. This is likely to take three years of my medium plan. I have also registered for some activities that are related to foreign affairs and model United Nations to put me ahead of other candidates when it comes to securing a job.

In conclusion, it is of great significant to improve transferable skills in business in order to become an outstanding manager. This is because such skills will be used in my future career to woo potential employers. Therefore, in order to improve on these skills, I have to get proper training from the universities, notably the University of Manchester. Moreover, I plan to get online training on specific skills that remain useful to my future career. This will include detailed research from the internet to get the required skills and make corrections in areas that I am not well conversant with. As such, the aforementioned are useful ways in which I can improve my transferrable skills in order to become one of the best managers in a given industry.

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