Free Essay Focusing on Trump's Policies on Immigrants

Published: 2022-11-04
Free Essay Focusing on Trump's Policies on Immigrants
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This research was done to show how presidents Trump's administration treats immigrant children. The research also focuses on immigrant family separation in the hands of the administration and how the practices and policies of social work come to play. The aspects that are explored in this study are the policies that the Trump administration have put in place on the immigrant children and how these policies have affected the families and the children of these immigrants. The research will also analyze the different court cases about immigrant children and their respective families. In this research different literary material will be used as a basis for the research. Various news articles from different media houses and outlets on the state of immigrants in their holding camps will also be used to analyze this topic in depth further. This research will have implications for the way that the administration treats future cases of immigrant families. There will also be recommendations that will be made on the state of the immigrant families and how they can be held in better humane conditions to the one that they are being held at the moment.

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Over the last decade, there has been an increase in the number of illegal immigrants that have been crossing into the united states from its neighboring countries. This high number of immigrants has increased the strain on the resources of the country. In the last political regimes, these immigrant families have been treated in a humane way that respects human rights. Many people have pointed out that this humane treatment might have encouraged the immigrants to move to the country. However, the recent Trump regime these humane conditions have been mostly removed. This is in the aim of deterring people from trying to enter the country illegally. In this research paper, the impacts of these regulations and policies will be looked at.


In recent years, the decade-old settlement agreement Flores v Reno has hit the headlines in the past years as Trump's administration has been accused of separating immigrant children from their parents (Trump). They have also been accused of placing these children and their families in palatable conditions. In this 1997 ruling, the federal court made decisions that would put strict limits on the ability of the government to keep children in immigration detention sites. However, Trump's administration has cited this ruling as the main reason that the children are separated from their families. They argue that the decision explicitly states that the children cannot be held in the immigration camps while the parents have to be held in these camps awaiting their prosecution for illegal entry (Kazin). The children that have been separated from their parents are taken to the department of health and human services as unaccompanied alien children. The Flores settlement requires the government to place children with a close family relative or family friend without necessary delay and to ensure that the children in custody are in the least restrictive conditions as possible.

However, this is not the case in these detention centers. Many cases have been reported of minors being held in these detention centers. Their living conditions are so bad that many people have gone to court to advocate for the rights of these children and their families. For example, during the listening of witnesses in a case against the government for poor living conditions of the immigrants, a woman named Mayra explained to the court how she and her son were detained in Nogales, Arizona. She told in detail how the child saw people who were bound with chains and how children were separated from their parents. Many other witnesses explained the same ordeals as Mayra to the court. Considering these witness statements, the trump administration is acting against the law by detaining the children with their parents (Grunblatt).

Some Republicans in Congress are pushing for the law to be changed to allow the children of the immigrants to be kept in the detention cells with their families (Trump). They propose that the immigrants are put through criminal prosecution and deplorable and long proceedings together with their children. They argue that when the immigrants have knowledge of these regulations and the penalty for immigration, they will think twice before crossing the border. However, Trump's administration should not take this advice. The government should aim to preserve the rights of every individual no matter the nationality of the person or their ethnic background. If this proposal passes, the government will be violating the rights of many people just because they cross the border. The people that will suffer the most from these regulations are the children. If these laws pass, it will be legal to keep these children in palatable conditions with their parents. The children will not be able to access primary education as they will be dragged on by the criminal process and the detention centers.


The treatment of the children and families of immigrants by Trump's administration is deplorable. The children are subjected to conditions that are so poor that most of them end up having psychological and emotional effects from the trauma that they receive in these camps. Most of these children sleep on the floor and are denied a decent meal by the authorities. Most of them are verbally and physically abused by the guards. Some of these children live with scars from these traumas for the rest of their lives. These children are denied basic needs like going to school and getting good food. The government is even further trying to push for worse conditions for the children than they are experiencing now (Chen, Mitchelle). This is in the aim to reduce the immigration into the country. However, there are other ways the government can put in place to ensure that immigration is diminished.

Social workers can help these children in a variety of ways. Social workers can help these immigrant families and their children through most of these challenges that they face. Social workers can give these families by providing them with counseling. This counseling can help these troubled families. The children who have been gone through the torture have to be rehabilitated and counseled to ensure that the immigrant children do not suffer mental trauma. Social workers can also help newly arrived immigrants adjust to the new surrounding of the country.


The problem of immigration is a real issue for the United States government. Immigration increases the number of people in the country and as a result, increasing the stress that is put on different resources. The government has put in place different laws and policies in the hope of reducing the number of immigrants coming into the United States. One such policy is to keep children in detention camps with their respective families. The policy also ensures that the families continue dragged through a long and consuming process of criminal prosecution. This is not the way to go. No matter how the government wants to deal with the menace of immigration, it should ensure that their priority is to ensure that they uphold the right of these individuals.

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