Website Review. Paper Example

Published: 2023-04-10
Website Review. Paper Example
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Due to the continuous technological improvements, most organizations and institutions have been forced to create websites that are used to communicate or pass a particular message to a specific population. A website is considered to be a collection of web pages that are usually identified mainly by a common or specific domain name and published by at least one website server. Websites are considered to be of great benefit, particularly in the healthcare field, due to their tremendous effort to address the various diseases and disorders affecting the population, such as the attention hyperactive activity disorder. These websites tend to provide interesting and valuable information and deep insight into the topic. For instance, the website tends to explain the condition, its cause, diagnosis, and treatment. Although most websites have taken the initiative of talking about this condition, it is usually very hard to find a website that is providing a proper insight into the topic and also using other apparatus such as collaborating with other organizations to improve the wellbeing of the affected individuals. This paper intends to review a website that focuses on diseases and disorders such as attention hyperactivity disorder and identify criteria that the general public considered acceptable.

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Criteria That the Public Would See as Acceptable For a Website That Talks About Diseases and Disorders.

There are numerous websites that usually focus their ideas and agendas on diseases and disorders affecting the population, such as attention hyperactivity disorder. These websites usually try to educate a large number of people who have been either affected or at risk of being affected by the attention hyperactivity disorder. However, for a website to gain support or have a wide number of followers who are willing to learn about the attention hyperactivity disorder, the website is usually required to meet a set of criteria. The set of criteria that is usually considered acceptable by the population for such websites include, first, the website should provide current information concerning the condition. Most website tend to take a lot of time before they update the information that they intend to pass to the population. This makes the information to be outdated and irrelevant to the people. The websites should update the statistical and the prevalence of the condition at least after every six months or after every one year (Gidron et al., 2020). The aim of updating this information is to ensure that the population is getting valuable information that they can depend on.

Secondly, the objectivity of the websites should not be closed; instead, it should be broad. The information being communicated on the website should not be only from the organization or institution; instead, it should include information from other vital sources that communicate a similar message. Such information helps the targeted individual to know where they can get alternative treatment or where they can get similar services. The website owners are therefore required to collaborate or partner with other organizations or institutions that they share similar goals or objectives in order to make it easy to advertise their information (Kofler et al., 2020, p56). Thirdly, the information that is presented on the website should be authored by a large team or group of health professionals. Depending on a huge team usually helps the organization to come up with a clear and conclusive message. On the other hand, in case the organization allows only one person to author the information. The website followers may not grasp the intended message.

The Chosen Website and how it Performs the Set Criteria.

One of the website that is considered ideal and effective in communicating information concerning attention hyperactivity disorder is the mayo clinic website. Mayo Clinic is considered to be a nonprofit organization that is perceived to have played a key role in healthcare education, medical care, and research. The mission of the mayo clinic is to offer a significant contribution to healthcare through the provision of quality care, research, education, and medical care (Ross & Graziano, 2019). Myoclonic has played a crucial role in addressing the attention hyperactivity disorder, by providing quality and well-detailed information concerning the issue. Some of the areas that the website usually focuses on include the risk factors of the condition, treatment, diagnosis, signs and symptoms, and other areas where you can access the same kind of care. Mayo Clinic website has implemented the set criteria in various ways that include; first, the website has taken the initiative of updating the website regularly after every six months. This initiative has made the viewers and the listeners to gain confidence with the institution and also to feel secure when seeking medical care. Mayo Clinic has created a task force that is specifically mandated the role of updating the website. Secondly, the mayo clinic has partnered with other healthcare organizations that offer similar medical care and services. This enables mayo clinic to advertise services and information from other health facilities. Thirdly, the mayo clinic has established a huge panel of healthcare professionals who have usually mandated the role of authoring the information that is to be communicated to the viewers. This helps the institution to develop a conclusive message that meets the client's needs.


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