Paper Example. Effects of Acid Rain on the Environment

Published: 2023-03-23
Paper Example. Effects of Acid Rain on the Environment
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Acid rain is the deposition of acidic compounds and substances in the atmosphere that affect the earth in the form of vapor, gases, particulates, snow, and rain. Substances that cause acid rain include sulfates, nitrogen oxides, and sulfur dioxides (Burns et al., 2016).

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Effects of Acid Rain

Everything found in the environment is affected by acid rain. For instance, statute, buildings, trees, soil, and plants are changed by precipitation.

Effects on Trees

Acid rain has harmful effects on trees; it leads to stunted growth and removes protective film on their leaves.

Effects on Water Bodies and Soil

Acid rain alters the composition of the soil and water, which make the animals and plant to be difficult for them to adapt. It increases the acidity of water which makes animals found in water like fish to die.

Effects on Buildings

Acid rain destroys monuments marble buildings and limestone. It corrodes the metal used to reinforce these structures.

How Pollution Violates the Justice or Fairness in a Competitive Free Market

The environmental markets are considered to lower regulatory control in distributing factors that reduce environmental pollution and increase the disparity in exposure sources of pollution. Large-scale markets contribute to most pollution, and the effects of their pollution are more inclined to a poor neighborhood setting. The main reason is that members from poor neighborhoods are more willing to admit low compensation linked to pollution, are less aware of the cost of pollution, and have weaker bargaining power.

Environmental justice challenges are caused by the lack of government to institute measures to reduce pollution in poor neighborhoods. These challenges destroy jobs and raise property values. If the government improves the environment, wealthy individuals will move in, and rent values can increase since they are able to pay. The rich would demand better improvement in environmental condition, which compel the poor to meet the high cost of improvements than they can afford, an act known as "environmental gentrification" (Costello, 2019).

Utilitarian Argument for Conserving and Preserving Natural Resources

Environmental utilitarianism states that the environment cannot survive without human existence. It puts human first in ecological conservation. The supporters of environmental utilitarianism are in agreement that resources and species found in the environment should be used but not to its exhaustion. The approach claims that humans are most fundamental, and they should perform what they desire for survival and prosperity ( Hendricksen, 2016).

Limiting The Government's Interference in the Safety of Consumer Products

While government business regulations are essential in business development, some business individual argues that some impede growth and efficiency. Laws increase corporate tax which reduces business profit. Additionally, complex regulations imposed affect the running of the business. Excessive regulations and taxation of consumer products have a net cost on society in the long-run. Business community complains that restriction on the disposal of waste arising from the manufacturing of consumer goods are costly and compromise profits. Some laws withhold approval and the marketing of some consumer products even when they have been proved to be safe and effective and demand further research.

Relationship between the Principle of Non-Harm and the Due-Care

The principle of non-harm explains that an agent should morally stop from instituting risk of harm so as not to injure other people. Harm can be categorized as causing discomfort, annoying, and humiliating an individual. Also, it entails interfering with property, reputation, privacy, and liberty. The principle stressed that the institution mandated to offer services and manufacture products should safeguard the welfare of people. The principle is related to the principle of due-care as both advocates on the same values. The principle of due care states that it's the responsibility of the manufacturers to protect the interest of its clients; manufacturers should state safety measures against any good with a defect that can endanger a customer. The manufacturer has an in-depth knowledge of the good it is producing and protects the consumer.

Elements of Advertising's Deceptive Effects on Consumer Beliefs

False advertising pertains the use of untrue claims in promoting a product. The elements used are deceptive claims, unreasonable claims, and misrepresentations. Deceptive claims are offering information that can misdirect a customer acting responsibly. The information lack evidence to support implied or expressed claim. An unreasonable claim entails making statements that do not have objective evidence to bolster the advert. Misrepresentation involves giving inaccurate information on the safety, effectiveness, and performance of a product.


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