History of Gun Laws in Colorado - Essay Sample for Students

Published: 2019-10-28
History of Gun Laws in Colorado - Essay Sample for Students
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There are two statutes in Colorado that allow individuals to carry concealed guns. Title 18 is the first which states that an individual can carry a concealed gun to various places such as residential premises, vehicles as well as business premises. The purpose of carrying such guns is for protection of personal life as well as the property that an individual has. According to this statute, individuals can carry their guns throughout the state as long as they are qualified to have such guns in their possession. All the retired law enforcement officers are also allowed to carry concealed guns.

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Tittle 33, on the other hand, is the second statute that allows possession of concealed guns. It states that individuals can carry concealed gun as long as they are allowed by the relevant authorities. Other people can only carry the concealed guns in their vehicles if it is unloaded.

Individuals who acquire guns from other states are allowed to use them in Colorado. Colorado also amended the Gun control act of 1964 to allow the qualified retired officers who have ever served the local or state government to carry a concealed gun.

In the year 2013, Colorado amended the gun laws in response to mass shootings in the year. From then, individuals were to undergo background checks before they would be issued with a gun. It limited the number of ammunitions that one could carry to 15 and allowed the state to take away guns from individuals who were proved to be domestic abusers or those who violated certain requirements.

In the year 2013, there are two bills already in place to change the gun laws in Colorado. The first bill seeks to allow people to carry more than 15 bullets in a gun, and the reason is that it can improve the peace in the state. The second bill seeks to allow county Sheriffs to decide whether they should allow certain individuals hold guns. This reduces the limitations towards holding a concealed guns. This history shows some evolution in gun laws in the state of Colorado.

Guns in colleges

There has been mixed reports by media on gun laws on Colorado. Some media have indicated that Colorado is one of the states where carrying concealed guns in limited and it is only allowed if it is for study purposes, or by personnel who intend to provide security to the schools. The media have emphasized that this has meant to bring peace to the students.

On the other hand, Colorado has been pointed out by media as one of the states where pro-gun movements have forced the state to allow individuals to carry guns in the colleges. The media explains that due to the changes, it is common to see students with guns in the fields and even in classrooms, and this poses a great danger to the security agents.

In generally, the media has not focused so much on guns in Colorado colleges particularly but points out that the state is one of the many others where pressure on the government has made the government allow students to carry concealed guns. In such a case, the media is balanced and not biased in the way it reports the issue to the readers.

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