Essay Sample on Trump's New Citizenship Policy

Published: 2023-02-13
Essay Sample on Trump's New Citizenship Policy
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The new citizenship policy bars children born overseas by Americans working in military camps and diplomatic missions from automatically becoming citizens. The new policy initiative revokes the automatic citizenship in which in the future children born of the government employees and troops working abroad will need to apply to become citizens. Segers notes that the new policy will deny government employees and troop's children, especially those born with non-citizen parents from automatically becoming citizens. This is a significant shift from automatic citizenship in the U.S and those born in such places can only get residency status until they are 18 years when they can apply for citizenship.

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The new policy directive from the Trump administration will significantly affect American citizens who work in the U.S foreign consulates and troops located in countries outside the United States such as those serving in Afghanistan, Japan, and African American military bases. The article presents facts of the new citizenship policy by highlighting the historical context, implications of the new policy, and the people who will be affected. The article is highly informative and significantly improves the reader's understanding of the new policy dynamics without bias while at the same time, eliminating the biased conclusions that have been discrediting the policy and causing a public uproar. The new policy is significant because it will significantly change the previous citizenship application process which was automatic to the new approach where parents will have to apply for their children to become citizens if they meet certain conditions.

I believe that the new policy initiative will significantly benefit the nation by preventing arbitrary citizenship through adoption or non-American born children sired by an American citizen. The new policy seeks to close the gaps that make it easy for adopted or foreign-born children to become U.S citizens which will significantly ensure that only those that deserve to be citizens get citizenship status. From a Christian perspective, the new policy initiative will significantly deny many parents and children the ability to become Americans even on humanitarian grounds. The move discourages Americans from marrying non-American citizens by denying their children from automatically becoming citizens. This is in contrary to the biblical context in which Israelites were free to marry from other nations. For instance, Esau, the son of Isaac, married a Hittite and a Hivite woman. The new law bars Americans from engaging in marital relationships with foreigners in their places of work in foreign military bases and consulates.

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Segers, G. Some Children of Troops and Government Employees Abroad won't automatically be U.S Citizens, CBS News. August, 29, 2019.

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