Essay Sample on Washing Machine Invention

Published: 2018-03-24
Essay Sample on Washing Machine Invention
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The washing machine automatically carries out washing chores and duties such as laundry and dishwashing roles. Many have suggested that with the liberation from such roles, the women have now freedom to pursue their dreams as their male counterparts. However, this does not make the case as the liberated women also do carry their chores and with or without the help of invention of materials such as the washing machine. It is the personal issues directly affecting the mental and physical health of the women that they need liberation from for true empowerment.

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Thesis Statement

The washing machine has been a great invention for humankind. This invention, however, cannot be solely attributed as the better liberation tool as it addresses a relative non-bounding and non-personal aspect of the lives of the women.

Washing machines and the liberation of women

There are suggestive studies on role of the washing machines in the liberation of women. However, much has been credited to the use of inventions targeting child bearing and birth control methods like the pill (Bryant, Miranda). As the Vatican once suggested, the women should be thanking the washing machine in the quest for their liberation in the 20th century. However, the true liberation is attributed to the introduction of birth control techniques and the acceptance of abortion under certain conditions. House chores will and continue to be important and non-bounding part of the women’s lives. Other aspects like childbirth however do need a real quest for liberation to operate in same way as the male counterparts..

The status of the woman in the society has long been a topic of contention among men and women alike. Women have long been in bondage of sexual and domestic violence and have achieved the status of domestic chore workers (Amir, Qasim). However, the invention of the washing machine has been not been such a relief for the women but owing to the adoption of the methods of planned childbirth. This liberation brings with it the good health care choices and the chance to pursue dreams.

The research concerning the role of the washing machine is essential in understanding the role of technology in the creation of gender equality and empowerment of women groups (Bryant, Miranda). Through this study, better methods of enhancing women empowerment other than just the washing machine, can be put forward and exploited.


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