Essay Sample about Brian Skerry: Education and Photographic Training

Published: 2022-11-07
Essay Sample about Brian Skerry: Education and Photographic Training
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Education played an important role in ensuring that Brian Skerry achieves his current position as one of the notable photographers in the United States and across the world. Notably, it was essential for Skerry to attend Worcester State College where he managed to graduate with Bachelor in Media and Communication at the institution in 1984. While Skerry was required to engage in work after completing college education, he still choose to find time and pursue his dream in photography, and this ensured that he earned the skills.

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Making a Living

Brian Skerry was pursuing the photography course during free time, but he majorly made a living through selling corrugated materials. The main reason why Skerry mainly engaged in this business is because he knew that it was essential to create finance which would ensure that he progresses with ease.

The Utilized Photographic Equipment

The photojournalists who operates in marine wildlife utilizes Backscatter Canon 5D Mark IV as the main photographic equipment that ensures that they emerge successful. The application of this advance equipment is the reason why the photojournalist has managed to achieve relevance in the industry by taking perfect marine pictures. Moreover, the use of the noted equipment is yet another reason for the Nikon brand ambassadorship which Skerry earned in 2015.

Subject Matter in the Photographs

The subject matter in the marine wildlife pictures is to show the people how life is different deep in the sea, and the possible means on how the sea creatures survive. The best example of instances that prove that the subject matter is marine lifestyle is the fact that they mostly feature sea creates such as sharks. There are chances that a person will develop a certain notion concerning sea life when they view the sea creatures' movements under the waters.

Creative and Contemporary Influence

The application of creativity and contemporary influence is the reason why Brain Skerry manages to remain as the best marine photojournalist today. Notably, one of the main creativity and contemporary strategies that he applies is the use of perfect angles when taking pictures of the sea creatures. There are many other marine wildlife photographers, but they fear getting closer to the sea creature, hence the reason why the take normal pictures. For Skerry, he believes that taking great angles is modern and makes the pictures more attractive.

Working Method to make Photographic Images

It is important to mention that Skerry is a different type of photojournalist since he only focuses on marine wildlife. Therefore, that implies that Brian Skerry works by diving deep in the sea where he manages to capture images of different creatures. There is limited competition in marine wildlife photojournalism since most people fear encountering these animals.

Brian Skerry's Image Example

Figure 1. Whale, by P. Blake, 2015 (Auckland, 2015)

The above picture is one of the critical marine wildlife photos taken by Skerry, and here are some of the reasons why it is a good picture. First, the photo provides a viewer with a story. One of the most critical roles that an image must play is telling a story, as that will ensure that the people understand the possible happenings during the capture (Skerry 3). For the picture in the analysis, it is possible to tell that the shark is trapped under the water and that it is struggling to save itself, thus making it a good picture since it has a story. Moreover, image sharpness is also essential in determining a good picture, and that is evident in the photo that features in the analysis. Additionally, a good picture is one which captures emotional, and that is also present in the image by Skerry. A view will easily tell that the trapped shark is stressed as it struggles to free itself from the trap.

A Quote by Brian Skerry on his Photographs

Whereas there are many quotes by the photographer on his work, one of the notable one is where Skerry states, ''photography can be a powerful instrument for change, and photojournalists can tell stories that will make a difference (Froggatt 2)''

Other People's Quotes

There are also many people who have shared various quotes on Brian Skerry's work, and the best example is from Jennifer Nolan where she states, ''Brian is a brilliant composer, the photographs make the sea creatures seem amazing. (Skerry 2)''

The Publication of the Photographer's Works

Publication is an important matter of discussion since it determines the range that an artwork covers in the long-term. For Skerry, most of his works have been published continuously on the National Geographic magazine, thus implying that he has a worldwide reach through the photographs.

Importance of the Photographers work in Photographic History

The main importance of the marine wildlife photographs that are captured by Skerry is that they offer people with education on sea life, and that is an unique topic in photography.

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