Truancy, Graffiti, Robbery. Free Essay Sample

Published: 2023-09-08
Truancy, Graffiti, Robbery.  Free Essay Sample
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A simple battery is an act of unlawfully applying force on another person without their consent. This type of battery should be distinguished from aggravated battery because they are separate crimes. The results of a simple battery are offensive and sometimes injury. Assault, on the other hand, leads to apprehension by the other person and bodily harm (Gardner, & Anderson, 2012). An example of a simple battery is a doctor conducting a surgery without the consent of a patient. This would result in unwanted contact. Therefore, battery charges vary from state to state, and it can be elevated to aggravated assault if the injuries are severe. Depending on the severity of the battery, the result could be violent for aggravated assault or non-violent for simple battery.

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Shoplifting crimes are often included in the penal code under larceny or theft, mostly petty theft. A broad definition of shoplifting can be the removal of items from a shop or store without paying for them. It is a type of larceny because it involves taking someone else's property without their permission. Successfully leaving the store without paying for the merchandise is not the sole characteristic of shoplifting. The ingredients are willfully concealing items or taking items with the intent to steal. Another element is the intent to deprive the rightful owner of the possession of the good (Loveless, Allen, & Derry, 2018).

The severity of the offense of shoplifting depends on the value of the items involved. In any given case, the prosecutors have the discretion to determine whether it will be a low infraction charge, misdemeanor, or felony. Theft, on the other hand, is an umbrella covering simple shoplifting to different types of larceny like stealing a vehicle. Stealing a vehicle is called auto-theft, which is mostly considered a serious offense because of the value. Shoplifting crimes are mostly non-violent because it involves concealing and taking of another person's items without necessarily threatening them. Robbery is the same as stealing, but the use of threat or force sets it apart from the other forms of theft.

Credit card fraud involves using someone else's credit card without authorization in attempting to steal goods or money. Credit card fraud is criminalized under the penal code, and the severity of the offense depends on the state. Minor offenses can result in fines or a jail term. On the other hand, a felony-level credit card can lead to imprisonment. Due to the nature of credit card crimes, there is no contact with the victim; hence, it is a non-violent crime in nature.

In many states, rape is classified as a violent crime. It occurs without the consent of the victim, and hence states classify it as violent and a serious offense. It is a serious offense because the victims are traumatized, and it can cause injury and sometimes transmission of diseases. Drug dealing is considered a severe crime carrying up-to a life term sentence. The effects of drugs on society has led to the seriousness of any offenses for drug dealing. Dealing in drugs involves supplying and distributing; therefore, it is not necessarily a violent crime. Speeding is a traffic offense that is mostly punishable by fines, and sometimes the license is confiscated. Speeding is not violent, but the laws are mostly trying to prevent consequences, which may result from such speeding. Homicide is the killing of another person, making it a serious offense, which leads to the loss of life. Homicide offenses carry up-to a lifetime sentence. Homicide can be illegal or not depending on the circumstances. Sometimes, self-defense or soldiers in a battle commit homicide without committing a crime.

A drive-by shooting is an incident where a person is shot at from a moving vehicle. A person is guilty of this offense when they discharge a firearm recklessly other than a person in the car. The offense is punishable by imprisonment. This is a violent type of crime. Truancy is intentional, unjustified absenteeism from school. It is a status offense because it only applies to a small group of people that is the students. Graffiti, on the other hand, involves the destruction of property using graffiti painting. It is a non-violent crime because there is no contact with the victim. The penalties on graffiti offenses are based on the circumstances of the case.


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