Free Essay Sample. Work-Life Balance

Published: 2023-02-16
Free Essay Sample. Work-Life Balance
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Work/life balance is like the two faces of a coin. On one side is success which equals achievement and on the other hand is results which are directly proportional to performance. Success and results give the solution to the question "why" in life. Progress can mean fulfillment of some kind. On the other hand, enjoyment encompasses satisfaction, love, joy, a sense of belonging, happiness, and celebration (Work-Life Balance Defined. (n.d.).

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As much as the faces of a coin dictate its value, achievement and enjoyment bring out the value of life. You can have one part of life and lack the other. If you require progress, you will not be happy about your experience. If you miss enjoyment in every part of your life, you will not have achieved a balance in life or work. Balance requires total fulfillment in satisfaction and achievement. Pleasure is achieved by having all the joys of life. If you find love and care at home and you achieve success at work, you will be on the fast track to work/life balance.

It is important to achieve a balance in work and life to prevent ending up overwhelmed and burned out and be healthy. Reports show that employees prefer organizations that provide equality in personal life at home and in the organization. Overworking creates the risk of stroke and heart failure. At tough times It may be fatal. A proper work and life balance are essential for mental, emotional and physical stress. It helps to stave off burnout, depression, and anxiety. The eagerness to be successful tempts a person to put everything into work leaving only a small portion for the other aspect of life that is also critical. They include interest, free time to contemplate, family and personal happiness. It creates a scenario in which you pick work calls at the dinner table, put in extra hours by working till late and inner feeling that you are missing out on life.

There are several steps related to creating a flexible working policy in the company. The crucial first area is the statement in which the workplace identifies the importance of employees' personal choices and supporting family-centered programs by helping workers get a positive balance. Implementation of this statement helps in the facilitation of work accomplishment, cost savings, better quality life, and workforce productivity. An account also about workers who are flexible being treated equally to any other employee and assurance that flexible working is not a deterrence to the promotion of management responsibilities. The second key is the purpose of flexible working. This provides a stage of autonomy among the workforce bringing in various priorities at home or work or community as a whole. They include vocational training with pay, cultural responsibilities with pay, support in medical emergencies while in a paying job. Minimizing office working hours without interfering in or out paid work and any other personal commitment.

Furthermore, there should be a description of the methodology for establishing flexible workplace arrangements. The terminologies used in creating this project explained, such as flexible working, alternative location, purchased leave, job sharing and maximum hours (Work-Life Balance Defined. (n.d.). The third area is the guideline and procedures. Eligibility conditions re to be laid down and applicable to which employment status and tenure to fully access flexible work. Clear indication on the number of hours to leave and other absences on the flexible working program.

The process should identify eligible positions for flexible working arrangements and also some aspect that needs modification on working methods. A layout on the creation and implementation of efficient consultation mechanisms that will show cooperation and engagement between the employer and workers created. The operational program and steps followed in an application, auditing and reviewing, acceptance and rejection of application requests - an outline showing the expectations from the employees who have joined the flexible working program and their managers.

The responsibilities of the supervisors and managers of employees defined in the flexible working arrangement. The performance expectation and supervision of the employees, their communication protocol, and working health and safety issues (Work-Life Balance Defined. (n.d.). Performance review confirming the workers in the program receive the same opportunities such as awards, recognitions, promotions, work assignments, and development opportunities. The written and signed agreement reviewed on termly terms of which the program is taking place. The consequences of going against the signed contract clearly shown and printed in the rules and regulations governing the flexible working process.

Flexible working Advantages Disadvantages.

  • Learning to say NO. in a work situation it might seem impossible to say no but being in every project and attending all work-related gathering and managing all coworkers leaves you with no time (Stahl 2018). Have more time to work on yourself.
  • You will be true to yourself.
  • Be stress-free from things that work you out.
  • You might miss out on some projects or significant event.
  • You might not be considered on time-consuming work.
  • Create boundaries by avoiding to bring work-related stuff home meaning not working on a project in bed and answering office messages at the dinner table (Stahl 2018). Allows you be fully accessible at one point.
  • Your employer will be able to understand your availability. You will find difficulty in accessing information in case of an emergency at work.
  • You are making maximum use of your time. In this manner, you reset and recharge in your favorite way. It can be going to the park, the gym or binge-session of your favorite tv show (Stahl 2018). You are recharged to deal with the work issues the next day.
  • You get to be you. There is no limitation to this that might be relevant. It is essential.
  • Increase productivity and prolific. More work time produce less quality work. You will develop a steady work-life relationship. Might face competition in getting a better position.


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