Paper Sample on Switzerland: Marketing Strategy, Human Resource, and Corporate Social Responsibility

Published: 2023-01-31
Paper Sample on Switzerland: Marketing Strategy, Human Resource, and Corporate Social Responsibility
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Business Operational Strategies

Operating and running a business in any foreign country comes with its benefits and challenges. This is obvious to any company, therefore to curb these factors, more and more companies are forced to formulate various strategies with total regards to the rules of operation of a given country. Switzerland is no different. Various marketing strategy factors, human resource, and organizational structures, and corporate social responsibility are some of the factors that influence a company's direction and performance in new environments as established in the discussion.

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Marketing Strategy Factors

A company's marketing strategy contains various attributes such as the company's value in terms of the proposition, consumer target information, key marketing messages and guidelines and other additional information that is useful in achieving the company's overall goals and visions. This marketing strategy document helps to generate marketing plans and ideas that would increase the consumer target reach, improve sales, and the upgrade the company's position in terms of competition. Generation of this document involves a lot of analysis in terms of planning, budgeting, setting profiles, and generating clear objectives for operation. In Switzerland, factors such as consumer behavior and communication style will much inform on the great marketing strategies to undertake while distributing vehicles to the locals.

Consumer Behavior in any market is greatly affected by the elements of social structure that are constituted in Switzerland as a nation. The political atmosphere, the economic stability, current social trends, the society's age, and hierarchal social construct in terms of wealth are some factors that would influence the consumer behavior either positively or negatively. A company that can tailor-make its marketing strategies to help determine its consumer target market is putting into considerations all these factors can make profits. Consumer behavior can also be significantly influenced by the stakeholder's opinions, the quality of products being sold, and the pricing as compared to their competitors. Analyzing the needs of the business, specifying the products, and being able to meet the needs of the target market are also great ways to influence consumer behavior. These measures will help in creating a good market, retaining the customers, and attract new customers that will be generally impressed by the product (Buttle, 2004).

Communication Style in a marketing strategy is a great determinant for creating and maintaining a robust marketing niche for any given company. In Switzerland, just like any other countries, various communication styles should be put to use in informing the masses about a given product. A great communication style should be able to capture and address the product, place of operation, the price, and inform on the various on-going promotional activities for this product. The 4Ps of a good communication strategy (Price, Place, Product, and promotion) helps the company to think in line with consumer needs. Styles of communication may be in electronic forms like emails, visuals on the TV, social media marketing, person to person marketing, use of billboards, and even print media like the newspapers and magazines.

Communication style should also be packaged in a way that informs on consumer value, consumer convenience, consumer cost, and communication between the consumer and business in case of any disparities. This brings an excellent feel to consumers who will be interested that the company genuinely value their thought, opinions, and satisfaction and that consumer needs always come first.

Human Resource and Organizational Strategy Factors

Human resource and organizational strategies are those plans put across by companies that enable them to operate within a country like Switzerland efficiently. It's important to note that each state has its unique laws that govern the manufacturing and development sector. It's, therefore, wise for a company to be dynamic and flexible to adjust their strategies so that they can efficiently operate and tap into the market quickly. Certain factors like legal considerations, ethical considerations, and employee management might change about the country of operation. Switzerland is no different.

Legal considerations vary from one country to the other. In Switzerland, legal concerns may surpass the society's expectations of any company operating within its borders. Its legally required to the company to not only develop itself but also put some money back into improving the community surrounding it and everyone benefits.

Ethical considerations such as environmental management, fair competition, stakeholder interests, tax compliance, and human rights are primary labor conditions that would greatly influence the company's ability to operate in Switzerland. The company would, therefore, put all regulations into place to reduce any liability cases that would be brought forward by complainants.

Employee management may constitute a lot of issues such as gender balance in the workplace, employment age brackets, employment qualifications, employee wages, employee housing, and employee occupational safety regulation. These employment regulations are usually stipulated by the employment laws of a given country like in this case, Switzerland. The company would, therefore, have to adjust and tailor-make their packages in a corresponding manner to attract, maintain, and retain its working force for sustained development.

Corporate Social Responsibility Factors

Setting up a manufacturing and distribution vehicle company requires that we follow the corporate social responsibility laws of Switzerland. These will ensure that our company assumes ethical responsibility for any effects brought about by our activities on the community, society, and environment as a whole during our period of engagement.

Research and Development

In an attempt for an expansion of the company, research is mandatory to establish the various ethical challenges that may arise or pose some difficulty for the expansion. Occupational safety and health lie at the top. During the research, a company should be able to determine the occupational health guidelines set by the laws of CSR with regards to the international guideline if they meet these safety rules. The working force has to be catered for to ensure that their safety comes first, and the company would assume any responsibility in case of an accident at the place of work (Tully, 2005)

It is keen to take consumer interest as a significant part of research and development. Determining the fast-moving products in the Switzerland market would be prudent and helps the company reduce any unforeseen losses due to inadequate research. Consumer interests may change according to season and the current trends, and this may prove a challenge in terms of finances for the company who have to keep up with the trends continuously.


In conclusion, the company needs to have its records in order. Cases of corruption and transparency issues may arise and pose a challenge for when a company is seeking expansion in the market. The Switzerland laws may bar the company with corruption cases to seek growth, as this would not meet the ethical considerations for sustainable development.


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