Free Essay on The Theme of Racism: Film Analysis

Published: 2023-02-08
Free Essay on The Theme of Racism: Film Analysis
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The antiquity of African Americans, as well as the entirety of the black population both in Europe and the Americas, particularly in Latin and South America, cannot be complete without bringing into perspective African slavery. The epoch of the African slave trade primarily revolves around a period when Africans were subjected to a pugnacious enterprise that saw them treated as children of a lesser god ("Racialization, Racism, and Anti-Racism in the Nordic Countries," 2019). The African slavery period was principally characterized by extreme levels of racial prejudice and other bigoted tendencies towards the black population. Regarding this, the documentary "American Denial " chiefly demonstrates the existing contradictions between the black and white communities. Primarily, therefore, the film is centered on controversial aspects of racism that provide both answers and questions to the moral philosophy of racial discrimination.

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Nonetheless, racism has always been a significant scar within the human domain of existence since the time memorial (Blum, 2018). Color differences which are mostly the cornerstone of racism have made it almost impossible to achieve universal unity. Due to the fragmentation created by color differences, several repercussions have emerged that are visible in the present society. Owing to the verity that the black population is always the one on the receiving, some black people have ended up developing unethical responsive mechanisms.

Some of the unethical practices adopted by some members of the black population include mass shootings, bombings, and terrorism. These malevolent acts have resulted in the death of several innocent souls. For instance, several cases of mass shootings, especially in learning institutions based on race, have been reported in the US. Another example is the Charleston African American Church shooting, where close to nine people lost their lives at the hands of a white supremacist gunman.

Besides, such heinous acts find their basis in racial hatred. The perpetrators are more than willing to murder innocent souls only to prove the supremacy of their races or as acts of revenge. It is indisputable to ascertain that the police are as well part of the discriminatory racial racket (Gordon, 2018). This is very evident in the way black suspects, some of whom are very innocent are mishandled and abused by the American police based on their race. Several black suspects have been shot and killed innocently by the police. In response, some African Americans become agitated and develop hatred towards white that culminate into horrific criminal scenarios. For instance, several cases of school shootings reported in American schools by black perpetrators emanate from such hatred. Therefore, the assertion that racism is among the major causes of social evils cannot be ruled out, and the only way to put the situation in control is to wipe out the racism threat.

Moreover, the threat of racism is insidious in the sense that takes different forms and happens across varying settings (Levchak, 2018). At a personal level, I have been exposed to varying degrees and spheres of racial prejudices. Key among them is the discriminatory racial tendencies I receive based on my dress code as well as how some white students behave towards me in school. Primarily, therefore, most of the racially discriminatory inclinations I receive emanate from my facial outlook, culture, and historical context.

In winding up, therefore, the film "American Denial" brings to the limelight the flaws and errors of human beings perceiving each other from racial prejudice throughout the decades. It is a gravitas to note that racial discrimination is an ethical problem that stands against moral goods. Thus, racial discrimination results in the traumatizing of its victims for the rest of their lives, not only to themselves but also to their generation; therefore, the fundamentality of the need to wipe out the trait.


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