Reflection Essay Sample on Cyberbullying Debate

Published: 2020-06-10
Reflection Essay Sample on Cyberbullying Debate
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From my evaluation, I believe that the debate went on so well. I loved the manner it was arranged and how every person had their time to talk and come up with diverse points. It depicts the perspective on how every person thinks and reasons out about these situations. Not all students think and reason in a similar manner about things and what I witness was collaboration of the groups coming collected, not to contest, but to put across stand-points that some people might have never had any idea. As a group we performed so well, the group members came up with valid and genuine points about the topic. Every point was reason out well, and whenever necessary they were supported by relevant examples that help to bring out a clear picture of the situation. As planned, the group worked hard, the courage to reason out with the opposing side individually impressed me and that wat worked well for our group.

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As a group, we encountered some few challenges that I feel we should improve on. Some of the group members did have the confidence to speak in front of a crowd (class), and they felt shy. Some points dissipated and could not put strong arguments to handle the cons side. I did my presentation very well and just need to improve on some of the points. Other also did well to present an amazing debate to challenge the topic.

Some few changes I would make concerning the issue whether cyberbullying should be monitored by schools are as follows. First, I fully support this statement because cyberbullying affects the learning activities of students. Schools should boldly get involved in monitoring cyberbullying since it upsets the students' capabilities to learn if they attempt to evade school or being agitated at school. It can eventually make a student fail, commit suicide, and even dropout if no action is taken against this issue. Mostly Parents do not continually punish their kids, therefore; the school should step up and take appropriate action.

Second, school is the place where etiquettes and manners are being taught to us. Consequently, school handles students' mental growth that in turn also embraces the manner and respect for others. For that reason, it is prudent that if any of the students at primary stage itself is caught to be cyberbullying one another then he must be taught a lesson so that he develops manners.

Third, schools must seriously monitor cyberbullying. This is a serious matter that people have taken as a light issue. Victims of cyberbullying are estimated to be two to nine times likely to consider suicide, and it is a common problem to the youngsters who are victims of cyberbullying. Any bullying reduces self-esteem in humans, therefore; I totally support schools to monitor this issue.

Finally, death from cyberbullying among students is on the rise, and I don't think schools should just sit back and watch this trend. Teens are regularly cyberbullied due to the dumbest stuff. Schools should monitor this since it can make teens harm themselves.

In conclusion, I support the idea of schools to monitor cyberbullying. I also had the chance to learn concerning something remarkable and pertinent to the society, and had an overall startling involvement pulling off an outstanding debate.

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