Free Essay Describing the Texas House of Representatives of District 65

Published: 2022-08-26
Free Essay Describing the Texas House of Representatives of District 65
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The district number is 65 represented by Ron Simmons of the Republican Party. The district has diverse population characteristics as described below. These statistics conform to the findings of the 2010 census published by the Bureau of statistics. It has a total population of 165,742 whereby, the Anglos constitute of 86,044 people, and the Blacks constitute of 22,573 people. Denton is formed of 25 percent of the total population of the district. About 6.8 percent of the population is comprised of children between the age of 0-4 years, and 17.2 percent are aged between five to seventeen years. Adults aged between 18 to 64 years account for 68.2 percent of the population and the remaining 7.6 percent are people aged 65 years and over (Texas House of Representatives).

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According to the 2010 census, 31.2 percent of the populations can speak English and another language while 68.8 percent speak English only. 5.7 percent either does not speak English well or they do not speak the language at all. Instead, they know other minor languages that were not accounted for in the census. The statistics on knowledge for language speaking did not cater for children below five years. Some special populations residing in the county are 12,547 individuals with disabilities, 37311 people moved in the past 12 months of the date of the census and 9053 veterans (Texas House of Representatives).

On the education aspect of district 65 population, 45857 people were categorized as from the age 3 and over enrolled in school. Among the schooling population; 5.8 percent are in preschool (public and private), 65 percent are in kindergarten, elementary, middle, and high school (public and private). 63.6 percent are in preschool through 12th grade (public only), and 27.7 percent are in college, graduate, or professional school. Considering the population aged 25 and over, 39.8 percent hold a bachelor's degree or higher, while 9.1 percent have educational qualifications below a high school graduate. In the employment sector for the people above 16 years, 101,285 individuals are employed and among them; 85.1 percent are in the private sector, 8.8 percent in the government and 6 percent are self-employed (Texas House of Representatives).

Considering the district election report for the 2016 general election, 104003 people were registered voters, and the voter turnout was at 61 percent representing 63453 people. The voter turnout for the entire state was at 59.9 percent. Some of the issues evident from the district's demographics are the voter turnout during elections; there is the need for more voter education and incentives to encourage more people to vote. District 65 was among the teas state districts that were found gerrymandered by the Republicans to weaken the growing minority electoral power (Weber, AP).

According to the ideology quiz, I lie in the Devout and Diverse group. This racially and ethnically diverse group is less politically homogenous than most other typology groups, though a 59% majority associates with the Democratic Party (Texas House of Representatives). Devout and Diverse voice strong support for the social safety net and further action on racial equality. However, they take more conservative views than their fellow Democratic-leaning groups on many issues including global engagement, opinions of business and attitudes on homosexuality and immigrants. Devout and diverse are defined, in part, by their faith: Most say that it is necessary to believe in God to be moral and have good values.

The three issues that stand According to the political party questions, I am a liberal democrat, optimist and ready to accept change positive change in economic and development matters. My ideas align with the Democratic Party on the three fundamental qualities of a good government that I support. These qualities include equality and freedom, smart government regarding addressing criminal justice and higher education, and advocating for a healthy Texas.

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